College Basketball Betting Tips that Reduce Your Risk

Like any other money making activity, college basketball betting has a high degree of risk. Not even the most accomplished bettors and pundits are insusceptible to risk. Nonetheless, you do not have to feel completely powerless to risk. There are certain strategies that can help you win whenever you take part in college basketball betting on sites such as The following are some of the strategies.

Choose the Best Odds

At the moment, most bookmarkers are in a competition to attract new bettors. You might end up getting attracted by lucrative rates. This means that it is easy for you to choose solid betting odds, which give you the best chance of regularly beating the betting lines. When choosing an odd, you should be careful to avoid skewed bookmarker-friendly odds. Such odds are risky since they lead to more losses than wins.

Have a Proper Financial Management Structure

Just as it is the case with setting up a good betting system and strategy, it is advisable to equally focus on money management. Generally, money management is beneficial in the sense that it lowers your chances of losing money whenever you bet on reputable sites such as Proper money management particularly comes in handy whenever you are on a losing spree of sorts or when betting on specific terms such as March Madness odds.

Consider Hedging to Reduce Losses

Hedging implies betting on alternative outcomes or markets with the aim of minimizing losses. This practice generally guarantees returns in the end. It can particularly prove to be significant in college basketball games that seem to have no favorite. However, you should understand that hedging is not permitted in all sportsbooks. This means that you need to carefully choose your sites. In addition, choose live betting over traditional betting methods.


For over 20 years, the website has carved a niche for itself by offering user-friendly services and products. has managed to become a one-stop shop for bettors owing to the fact that it provides precise information about upcoming games. This includes live scores and the winning probability of each team. The firm is highly recommended for college basketball games due to its user-friendly interface, and prompt customer support services. Its website has an average of 45 million visitors every year, which proves how popular it is within the gaming fraternity.

Make Money Betting On The NBA

It’s possible to make a lot of money by betting on NBA games. However, when you are betting on professional basketball, it’s important that you have access to accurate information about the odds for games. If you are going to do spread betting, you will need to not only know the expected outcome of games, but you will need to know the expected distribution of scores at different times within the game. Luckily, there is plenty of information on the internet about the odds for professional basketball games. While you can find official statistics, you can also find individuals experienced in NBA betting that share their ideas on different games.  There are different ways that you can get information from, including charts, articles, and a forum on NBA betting. In addition, it you can win awards directly from, which is something that few sports betting sites offer.

While charts on the expected score distribution are important, this is not the only type of chart that you will need to know where to place your bets. You will also need to know who is out of the game, and you can see this information at You also can read the statistics of individual players, which is particularly important whenever a team you are betting on has gotten new player(s). The articles on talk about past games and expectations for future games. They also discuss where there are special deals to people that are new to betting on the NBA. You also have access to betting advice from a vast number of experienced people on the forum.  If you are interested in joining competitions for professional basketball betting, it’s easy to do so. It’s possible to join public office pools, and you can even create your own office pool! The NBA is also included in the King of Covers competitions, which offers significant prizes.

Move over Shakira Norka Luque is Making Headlines

The most successful female Latino vocalist of all-time is Gloria Estefan. Estefan has sold millions of records, and she and her husband produced a hit Broadway musical. Her producer husband, Emilio Estefan, has played a major role in her career. Estefan has won 19 Grammys, and he is considered the best Latino music producer of all time. Emilio has also been instrumental in shaping the career of Shakira, the Colombian-born singer that has sold more than 10 million albums. Shakira is on track to pass Gloria Estefan if she continues to perform. But there is always someone waiting in the wings to become a star. Emilio Estefan believes the next big female Latino star is Norka Luque. Luque is the 30-year-old Venezuelan-born singer he discovered in 2008.

Norka always wanted to be another Shakira. At the age of eight, she was cast in a musical in Venezuela that honored Shakira and her music. Norka’s parents decided to leave Venezuela and move to the United States, so Norka could get a better education. While Norka attended school, she studied voice and piano. When it was time for college, Norka decided to go to France to study. Norka was comfortable in France. She earned a degree in business and in fashion and the culinary arts. Norka didn’t leave music behind while she was in France. She found a job as the lead singer in a rock band called Bad Moon Rising, and she developed a reputation as a talented rocker. But she wanted to use the knowledge she gained in business, so she accepted a job with a financial firm in Monte Carlo.

In 2007, Norka went to a Ricky Martin concert, and that’s when she knew she had to return to the States and get back into the music business. In 2008, Emilio Estefan signed Norka and the pair went to work producing her first single. In 2011, her first single climbed the charts in Latin America, and she was nominated for the best female vocalist of the year award. In 2012, her second single, Milagro, got rave reviews from music critics in the United States and abroad. Norka’s 2016 release, Tomorrowland, is another hit. Norka is doing what she loves, and audiences love her for doing it.

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The DeVos Family Are Education Reformers

The DeVos family of Michigan is among the wealthiest and most generous in the nation. Patriarch Richard DeVos Sr. is the co-founder of Amway products. He son Richard DeVos “Dick” DeVos is a huge educational proponent. He and his wife Betsy have both done yeoman’s work in changing the landscape of education in the state.


Not only has DeVos served on the Michigan State Board of Education, he is supports school voucher programs and magnet schools and school choice. He even has an aviation academy for lower income students who want to know more about science.


Betsy DeVos heads a number of important boards that make education their top priority. Mrs. DeVos says she is very happy to learn that more and more states are opening up to school choice. She admits that the idea wasn’t very popular in the beginning and it took some prodding to get people on board.


The school voucher programs have taken off like wildfire, and 17 states have passed laws regarding educational programs.


Mrs. DeVos believes in reform. It’s been something she’s been fighting for for a long time. As a college freshman, she knew it was her calling to get Michigan’s educational system on par with other states.


While she admits that Michigan has more work to do, the results to date have been nothing short of miraculous.


 The DeVoses also have a foundation that helps individuals seeking to find better schools.


Richard DeVos briefly delved into politics about ten years ago. His unsuccessful bid to unseat Michigan Democratic Governor didn’t pan out they way he wanted, but he says he isn’t ruling out a future run.


 The DeVoses have four grown children. The currently live in Grand Rapids Michigan.


Ken Goodgame’s Accomplishments in the Business Industry

Ken Goodgame is an experienced merchandising expert in the retail industry. He has a wealth of operational and managerial skills having worked for more than thirty years in the retail and manufacturing companies. Besides the experience, he is an accomplished scholar holding a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from University of Tennessee.

Based on his rich background in the retailing industry, he is a most sort-after individual by most companies that need to grow their revenues. He has led many workshops that advise retailers on merchandising issues.

On November 30, 2015, he led the 12th annual Drug Store News Issues Summit that was held at the New York Athletic Club. He was chosen to present on inventory management and social networking session, which captured the major retailing problems.

With his extensive skills and reputation, he landed a top executive position at True Value Hardware Corporation, Chicago, IL. He was assigned the position of the Senior Vice President and Chief merchandising officer. In his tenure, he successfully implemented programs that improved the sales of the company thereby increasing its annual revenue.

Amongst some of his transformations at True Value Hardware, are advertisement programs that saw a rise in customers and replacement of the merchandising team with an energetic and experienced team which improved savings from 2% to 10%.

Apart from True Value Hardware and Ace Hardware, Kenneth Goodgame has worked in numerous other companies. In 2008- 2010, He served as an executive official in Techtronic Industries in North America, Anderson, SC. During his tenure, the company marked its first profitable year since it was purchased.

In 2006 to 2007, he served as the Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales channel, Irwin PTA & Shur- Line Painting Products.

Between 2004 and 2006, he served as the President and General Manager, Bernzomatic. During this time, the company made 94% of revenue growth to $150M in consumer goods for fewer than two years. In most of the companies that had him in charge of merchandising, their promotional sales soared translating to a growth in revenue.

Meet Raj Fernando the founder of Chopper Trading and Scoutahead

Raj Fernando is the CEO of Scout ahead and the founder of Chopper Trading. He founded the firm back in 2002 when he was a cash bond trader. Before founding Chopper Trading, Raj Fernando worked as a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He worked on their floor where he has been a member of the exchange from 1997. He is a staunch believer that when a company invests in people, good things always happen.

In 2015, Fernando sold Chopper Trading to DRW, and he started in 2016. This is a platform that conducts surveys and reviews on behalf of individuals and institutions. When he founded Chopper Trading, he established a rule for bringing employees into the company. He only recruits employees who are interested in the job as well not according to how much money the employee is going to make for the company. His hiring strategies include a lengthy and involving interview. He doesn’t bring in 30 potential employees and trains them only to end up with a few of them being employed and firing the others. He insists on bringing someone on board who can someday retire from the company.

Fernando is a philanthropic giver who believes that companies should invest in people, so he does his best to give back to the people. He is a fundraiser for Democratic Party candidates and their causes. He helped raise money for President Obama during his campaigns and also the William J. Clinton Foundation. Back in 2011, there was a Washington Post story that said Chopper Trading was one of the largest fundraisers for Obama’s presidential campaign.

In 2011, Raj Fernando found himself in a panel appointment controversy. He had been appointed to the State Department’s International Security Advisory Board which advised Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State. After his appointment, some questions arose regarding his qualifications to be on board with national security clearances.

As stated above, Raj Fernando is a philanthropic giver, and he has involved himself in many charitable efforts in the United States and especially in Chicago. He is a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs as well as a governing member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Experienced Investment Manager James Dondero and His Success

James Dondero who resides in Dallas, Texas, is Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. He is known as one of the best and most successful alternative investment managers. His career began in 1984 as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He graduated from the University of Virginia with highest honors from the McIntire School of Commerce. Having graduated with dual majors in Accounting and Finance, James Dondero was proven to be a hard worker. Additionally, he is a Certified Management Accountant and has also earned the rights to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. James was on the hunt for a partner to help manage their budget that had grown over $3 million.

The two companies joined together and created plans for a charitable giving framework that would be both bold and effective. Together they created the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., which is a supporting organization of the Dallas Foundation. Soon after, James helped hire Linda Owen, a former President of the Woodall Rodgers Foundation. Linda’s guidance helped to create an even greater impact in North Texas communities.

He worked together with The Dallas Foundation and expanded his philanthropic engagement to civic organizations that included the Dallas Zoo and the Perot Museum.Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets. His main priorities are focused on high-yield and distressed investing. To add to his large list of accomplishments and charitable work, he is also Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and board member of American Banknote.

Talk Fusion Awarded for Its Video Chat Platform

Technology Marketing Corporation recently awarded Talk Fusion Video Chat the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. The Video Chat allows the users to communicate face-to-face through the internet anywhere and using various devices such as a tablet, smartphone, and desktop. The success of Talk Fusion shows the impact of the Video Chat, and the momentum behind the cross-communication platform since the full version of the app was launched in March of 2016.

Technology Marketing Corporation launched the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award to honor the exceptional products and services that facilitate the progress of data, voice, and video communications. The aim of Talk Fusion is to move the world of communication to the next level. In a press release, CEO of TMC Rich Tehrani recognized that it was a great honor to be the one awarding the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. The honorees according to Tehrani, represents the true leaders in their respective industries and have produced the best-of-the-best products and services.

The idea of Talk Fusion came when Bob Reina was touring the house in North Carolina and took video of a home he thought would become his favorite place to live. After taking the video, Bob tried to attach the video to his AOL email, but it was not possible. Bob Reina thought of an idea where he could allow people to place video to their emails and then market the innovation through direct selling model.

Talk Fusion Video Chat shows the power of WebRTC technology. According to the founder and CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has only started its mission. The Talk Fusion’s team plans to improve the Video Marketing Solution. Recently, the company introduced the free trial of the All-in-One Video Marketing Solution with its new site The aim is to put more excitement to new users and associates as the company gear for more users.

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Eric Pulier Helped My Son Live A Better Life

I got to know Eric Pulier way back in the 90s when he was starting People Doing Things. The charity has been a great place for people to find out how to help those with disabilities, and he was also someone who was using technology to help people instead of just hoping that kids will get through school. Kids like my daughter have been in need of help for a long time, and they needed to make sure they could actually graduate.

The graduation rate for people with disabilities was so low that having People Doing Thing helping us was really nice. My daughter actually still uses some of the things that she got from Eric Pulier, and then I got interested in his way of helping people so I started following his career. I noticed that he helped startup enterprise technology companies that are helping companies sync their phones and email. He has also worked in innovation where people are creating new technology that will make the world a better place.

The technology that I have seen from Eric Pulier comes from places like the X Prize committee where they are trying to get people to make sure that they can progress the human race by doing more than just making money. Eric Pulier has put money aside to make sure that he can help people, and he has even helped kids like my daughter who have disabilities.

Pulier has proven he understands people with disabilities. We used his technology because it helped, and he made it easier for us to get through school.
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John Goullet Making Strides in IT

John Goullet has been in the IT field for an extended period. He served as a computer consultant and as a staffing executive before deciding to venture into his privately owned IT firm in 1994 namely Info Technologies, Inc. He later moved to Diversant, LLC as the principal. He has been decollated with his entrepreneurial expertise hence leading to the development of highly rated IT firms. He has worked to solve the IT problem for over 500 firms in the whole world. His company, Info Technologies was later lanked in the 8th position in the Inc magazine for the fastest growing companies solely owned.

Later John Goullet market knowledge helps him merged Info Technology with Diversant Inc to form a new company DIVERSANT LLC, a more secure, and competitive and stable financial firm. Through this newly formed business, Goullet was able to develop solutions for the ever emerging problems in the IT industry.

Diversant LLC

Diversant LLC is the largest IT staffing company in the Africa and America continent. The company foundation is largely a reflection of the commitment and dedicated workers who have personal drive and great expertise. The company thus has developed an excellent reputation and has enjoyed continuous growth even when there are economic waves. The company later created its advisory board that consisted of highly decollated entrepreneurs and IT leaders and experts in this field who mostly are not involved in the daily control of the firm. The board has the mandate of guiding on matters of strategic planning and commercial development.

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