Securus Technologies’ Tools Help Law Enforcement Solve And Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies, a leading developer and provider of criminal justice tools for the law enforcement sector, has released a press release that highlights how its technology makes prisons and the community at large safer. The monitoring company also welcomes law enforcement personnel, detectives, and clients who use competitors to its research and technology center in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. They can see some of the latest and best technologies available for law enforcement today at the center. Below are some of the client testimonials from customers who have used Securus Technologies devices and software to help solve and prevent crimes in their facilities and on the outside.


One facility left feedback on Securus Technologies’ products that helped them identify a corrupt prison staff member. Thanks to Securus monitoring and recording devices, that corrupt prison employee has been caught red handed with bringing contraband into the facility and selling them to inmates. This is just one of numerous cases where Securus recording and monitoring tools have helped root out corruption and stem the flow on contraband.


At another facility, Securus products were helpful in crackdown on the sale of illegal narcotics and alcohol use by inmates. Phone recording technology by Securus also helped track suspicious money transfers and identify a person outside the jail who was illegally reselling prescription drugs at discounted prices without doctor approved prescriptions.


Thanks to monitoring and recording devices installed at an inmate facility, law enforcement at one facility were able to uncover lies and a blatant attempt at cover up between an inmate and his family members. The inmate was brought to justice and the family later admitted to lying to try and help their inmate family member escape a sentence for criminal activity.


Vijay Eswaran a Man of Many Hats

Named Number 25 of Forbes Asia’s Malaysia’s 50 Richest back in February of 2013, Vijay Eswaran has achieved much acclaim for creating the RYTHM Foundation which stands as a vital part of the QI Group. He is also known for creating another highly active charity known as the Vijayaratnam Foundation and has gained notoriety everywhere for his generous donations on Facebook to other charities outside his own as well as individual people in need of his assistance alongside creating other community programs meant to help the everyday individuals through mentoring and other such programs. Through all his outstanding civil actions he has found himself in New York’s Global Indian Business Meet where he was awarded the NGI (or New Global Indian) award for Philanthropy and Business Excellence back in 2012. As well, Eswaran has also been noted as one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy by Forbes Asia back in 2011’s July issue.

Since going back to Asia in 1998, Vijay Eswaran has co-founded the QI Group. QI Group is marketing company build to be multilevel in respects to media, travel, luxury products, training, wellness, telecommunications, corporate investments, and wellness. QI Group has managed to achieve growing into multiple offices in multiple districts including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. So far, they are in ten countries, and looking at growing further with their impressive leader, Vijay Eswaran taking strides in publishing books and impressing his dreams for a bright tomorrow for his company.

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Among his published works are In the Sphere of Silence at, which paints a visual of his own management philosophies, including his structured morning of one hour of silence before taking part in the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Whether it’s writing unique books comprised of his own personal perspectives, assisting in marketing and commerce through the QI Group, or helping others, Eswaran is an inspiration for us all.

A Blessed Family Time from Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit

I will get right to the point. I am so grateful for Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. That program helped to make Christmas for our family one of great joy and happiness. Our loved one just recently received her sentence to do time in a prison facility. While we were all devastated, we decided to focus on our youngsters who are enjoying the season of Christmas.They began asking for their mom. No one had the courage to tell the babies exactly what happened. Her time there is short, but it is hard every day being away from her children. We knew we wouldn’t dare take them to a prison facility. That was out of the question. We all just had to tough it out as a family.We tried our best to distract her kids with the joys of Christmas music and window shopping. We took them to see the Christmas lights. But nothing can take the place of seeing your mother.Our loved one in jail told us about Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. We were so happy as we knew it would be the perfect time for her to see her children. And they would be relieved to see their mom.


They didn’t know why we were dressing them.They thought we were going out. When we got hooked into the website, we waited for the countdown. When she appeared, we all started clapping.The kids came to see what we were clapping about. When they saw their mother, they started jumping and screaming. They were running and dancing. Then they started crying. The grownups didn’t know what to do. We all had a wonderful visit.It was a very emotional time for us all. And it was made possible because of Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit.


Now that the day has ended, and we have all settled down, I felt compelled to write this letter of thanks. During hard times when you don’t know what to do, it’s nice to have someone on the outside even trying to provide a glimmer of hope for your life. For us, it was all about her children receiving some comfort and joy. And what a better time than during the holiday season.Thank you Securus Technologies for the Christmas Video Visit.


UK Vintners Make Buying Wine Easier

Wine is a delightful beverage. A glass of wine can add a welcome and warm note to a dark chocolate pudding, show off the sweetness in a piece of fish or help complement the onions in a bowl of onion soup. Those who love wine and want to buy it can find help from many sources such as UK Vintners. Vintners are people who create and sell wine. Many UK vintners choose to specialize in a specific kind of wine such as white wine or wine from Germany.

Many vintners are involved in the creation of a bottle of wine from grape to finished product. As a result, they know exactly what goes into the creation of a glass of wine from start to end result. Seeking their help in this matter can be very useful, allowing any wine lover to have a detailed, insider view of the subject.

The UK Wine Industry

The United Kingdom wine industry has a long and fascinating history. Since ancient Roman times, wine has been an integral part of the culture of this land. In the middle ages, grapes were grown in many areas of the UK while wine was also imported from other regions of Europe.

As a result, vintners in various parts of the island developed specific varieties of wines for locals to drink. They also developed networks of wine growers from other countries, enabling them to import wine from places such as France and Italy. Today, the wine industry in the United Kingdom continues to grow.

Buying Wine

For buyers who wish to create a well stocked wine cellar, working with UK vintners makes this process easier than ever. Wine can be purchased in many varied ways. Many vintners offer wine for sale online. This can be a great way to keep a specific variety of wine in stock all year round. Online delivery is quick, efficient and easy.

Many other vintners offer monthly memberships that allows the buyer to buy wine at a reduced price in turn for an annual fee. This is an ideal choice for those who buy lots of wine each year and want to save money.

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Focus on Anthony Petrello’s Background and Roommate’s Take

Anthony G. Petrello or Tony has been the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd., since his appointment on October 28, 2011 and its president from 1992. He previously held the position of the Chief Operating Officer of the company since 1991. Prior to joining Nabors Industries Ltd he had been at the Baker & McKenzie Law Firm from 1979 -1991. Petrello was a Managing Partner at the New York office of the firm from 1986 to 1991. Anthony Petrello was awarded a J.D. degree at the Harvard law School and further B.S. & M.S. degrees in Maths at Yale University.

Board Memberships

Tony Petrello holds several board memberships among them being the Board Chairman at Nabors Industries Ltd (from June 2012), he had served as the Deputy Chairman from 2003 – June 2012. He was a Stewart & Stevenson, LLC director (February 28, 2011) and at Nabors Industries Ltd from 1991. He is a director of the Texas Children’s Hospital, Incorporated. He at one time served as the director of

Review of Lloyd Grove’s article on Petrello

He does not usually concern himself with the rankings of the top paid CEOs until sometime back when he spotted Petrello ranked as the highest paid CEO on with a compensation of $68.2 million. Lloyd had to conduct a small research on the website of Nabors Industries, earth’s largest oil and gas drilling contractor on land, to establish that it was indeed Tony.

College Days

Tony was the typical public-school scholarship kid from the Newark working-class. He was skinny, had a thick Jersey accent, eager demeanor and loud mouth which stood out in the student population. He was an Italian-American extrovert who during the almost inedible lunches joked about his family supposedly connections with the mob. Tony was a wicked-smart whiz in Maths and always scribbled arcane theorems’ proof on napkins (greasy ones especially) and operated at a genius level at 18 years. Tony Petrello became the protégé of a world-renowned mathematician Prof. Serge Lang. Tony however, chose to do law instead of advancing in the mathematics field.

Early Career and Family Life of Tony

Grove lost touch with Tony during the 1980s. Grove explains that Tony spent this time working at Baker & McKenzie Law firm on Bloomberg before he got a job offer from Nabors Industries based in Houston, which was an important client to the firm. In 1991, Tony became Nabors Industries president and chief operating officer. Tony married his college sweetheart Cynthia Carrafa, who is an actress in soap-operas and producer. The couple later on turned to philanthropy and provided $7 million to fund Texas Children’s Hospital’s neurological research center. This was after their daughter, Carena, was prematurely born and later developing cerebral palsy.

He was not able to get him on the telephone as he was out. He however, received an email from Tony about a life lesson that between being smart or lucky – lucky is better. See:

Eased Property Reports with Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

In recent years, among the principal causes of concern in the realty market is title defects, which lead to wrongful foreclosures for some, while others cause stagnation in the transition of assets within the secondary market. According to the executives of the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) property records are significant in facilitating a smooth title conveyance as well as lessening the buyback risk or inability to foreclose.  NTC has rolled out a strategy to ensure it simplifies the process of securing property reports thru launching an updated website to ensure property rights are available online.


There are some other factors, which may render a title invalid as outlined by the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Simple issues regarding wording in the document, which is not in line with the real estate standards for the designated area may make a title invalid. Additionally, a title may be invalid due to the failure to engrave the signature of the relevant parties, which are necessary to the transaction.


Previous liens, as well as other encumbrances failing to be removed, may render a title invalid. The failure to follow filing or recording procedures when recording realty documents may also render a title invalid. According to John Hillman, the CEO of the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., adequately addressing title defects before the transfer or sale of a property is critical. In an effort to positively impact the evolving mortgage sector, the NTC has ensured such property reports as Tax Status Report, Tax Status (Plus) Report, Assignment Verification Report Services, as well as Current Owner Report, are available thru online ordering.


The Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is instituted in Palm Harbor in Florida and was established in 1991. NTC is a private entity, which is a leader in the provision of research and document-processing services to the residential mortgage sector. NTC is reputed for its ability to deliver the highest possible level of accuracy in both research services and quality processing of documents, which acts as the industrial standard while being protective of homeowners, preserving the country’s records as well as aiding the mortgage banking industry. The company’s land documents and records experts are able to track and meet the county document requirements in its entire recording jurisdiction countrywide.

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Twenty Three Layers: NYC’s Go-To Event Planning Company

When you’re looking to hire an event planner, it can seem like an intimidating task. However, it doesn’t have to be. To ensure the event goes off without a hitch and you hire the best event planner, there are should steps you should follow.


First, you should determine the objective of your event. Determine the reason behind holding your event in the first place and what the goals of the event are. Answer important questions for yourself on who, what, where, when, why, and how. After you’ve defined the objective of the event, decide what your reason is for hiring an event planner. When you’ve had some clear ideas about your event, you’ll start to see some themes and messages you want your event to convey. Determine what it is you’d like the event planner to do.


Based on your event’s objective and what you’d like your event planner to accomplish, you can create a general budget. You should be able to determine this by looking at the type of event it is and what that event would include. After figuring out your budget, do your research on event planners.


After picking some well researched, qualified planners, you should interview three of them. You should give the planners the basic information on your event and ask them about their business, their experience, and what their plans are for your event. The best event planners will walk you through discussions that give them ideas about your event, your budget, and personal preferences. They should also be able to give you the best ideas based on your objectives. Be sure to negotiate your terms and be sure that the planner sets a clear budget.


If you’re looking for event planners in NYC, try your hand at Twenty Three Layers. They are a leader in event planning companies in NYC and are creative and energetic. They are a full-service event planning company that can create the most dazzling events. They hold the best relationships with some of the most exclusive establishments and vendors. Planning an event with Twenty Three Layers is worry-free and fun.


Find them in NYC




The Growth of Town Residential

Real estate is one of the most important sectors in the entire economy. Few things impact the lives of Americans like real estate prices. In many areas around the country, the housing market is getting more competitive for new homes. This is causing the cost of homes to increase faster than inflation. If you want to take things to the next level in your search, you need to work with the professionals. Town Residential is a real estate company that is expanding rapidly. They have opened up their tenth location in the past three years, and more growth is ahead in their future. A lot of people are excited about what the future holds for this company.


Investing in Real Estate


Real estate is a great investment over time. There are millions of people who have built wealth through this asset class. Investing in a strong real estate market has its pros and cons. Your initial investment will probably appreciate quickly, but you need to be prepared to deal with a down real estate market. When prices are low, this is the best time to invest. Although it sounds obvious, many people neglect this simple piece of advice.


Buying a Home


A lot of buyers are in the market to purchase a home. There are many variables to keep in mind when it comes to buying a home. Never fall in love with one particular house. Not only will this cause you to make a bad financial decision, but the competition for homes is higher than ever before. Instead, start to think about the long term issues that you could encounter when bidding on a home without doing your research. A lot of people rush into buying a home and then later regret the decision. A home is a long term investment, and you need to treat the decision with the implications it can have on your finances.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Town Residential is a great company to work with. Not only is the company expanding, but the staff has a great knowledge of real estate in their area. There are few people who understand real estate like them. Before buying a home you need to make sure you understand the market. A lot of people simply rush into buying a home, and this creates a lot of issues down the road. Always makes sure to keep the long term in mind when you are buying a new home.

Cotemar: A Responsible and Full Service Business

Cotemar was first established in 1979, and dedicated itself to providing service such as food, lodging and providing boats in the energy sector. Today, the company is still devoted to providing service, but they have also branched in business within the onshore oil extraction sector. They have several values in which the business conducts itself on. These values include integrity, effectiveness, simplicity and innovation.

The values in which they hold true to their company are seen in everything that the business completes. For example, they continuously add new and improved technologies into their business to make their ventures more effective and successful. This innovative process is what makes Cotemar one of the top companies within Mexico who provides the services they provide to the industry.

Service wise, Cotemar has a wide range of offerings. One such service they offer is construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering at offshore facilities. With this service, they provide a one stop for all their clients. Cotemar can install materials, reducing the costs for the business, while also providing the technology that a business needs to properly perform their duties.

Cotemar also offers specialized ships and Marine support for those companies who may need this service. In most cases, these shops can house anywhere from 450 to 800 people. These ships can also help in transporting goods, and can be utilized in areas in which specialized teams need to get to oil spills or to fight fires that erupt. The other specialty service of the company is one that is not seen from other companies that are in the same market. This is their food and lodging service. This service is included on all ships that a person may be using. Cotemar include food preparation, the cleaning of the quarters, as well as washing and ironing clothing for those who are on board. Their main goal is to ensure that anyone who is present on their shops is well taken care of.

Essentially, Cotemar is on the cutting edge of technology within its market at With their key eye for detail, companies who utilize their services are ecstatic with the end results. On top of this, their attention to their values and goals as a company is what makes Cotemar a stand out company in this business sector!

the U.S. Money Reserve Receives Three 2016 Videographer Awards

The United States money reserve has earned recognition internationally as a recipient of the 2016 Videographer Awards. The company secured four awards in different categories. Because of their creativity in their production, the company has received these distinguished awards.

Unique, the United States Money Reserve won two awards under the category of Excellence in Creative TV Cinematography and Commercial TV Product. They also earned a title for their infomercial “Testimonial Show” that depicts statements from loyal United States Money Reserve clients. They included Richard Pretty as the gold buyer and the famed NASCAR driver.

An Excellence Award is one of the best awards issued for high-end projects that meet universal standards. These awards are granted to produced, written, shot, and edited projects in a manner that depicts excellence and trending technology. Winning these top-notch awards provides esteem for the creative teams in the company. While the company won the Honorable Mention and the Award of Distinction, the infomercial entitled “Pearl Harbor Show” deserved the honor.

The Chief Executive Officer of United States Money Reserve, Angie Koch, said that the company is honored to receive the international recognition for their video and creative production efforts. According to Angie Koch, the marketing division of the business possesses a world-class talent in media production. These awards will inspire them to work harder. For the commercialization team, their incredible support has brought success to the business.
The members of the Communications and Marketing Association of Professionals (AMCP), judges, are all looking for individuals and firms that work as leaders in the video production industry. For this reason, the association looks for the best in the market. The 2016 Videographer Awards of Excellence received over 2,000 entries from around the world.

This past month, the United States Money Reserve received a hunk of Bronze at the Telly Awards for their “Philip N. Diehl” spot.

The Videographer Awards are judged and administered by AMCP. This is an international foundation that comprises of various communication, marketing, public relations, advertising, freelance professionals, and media professionals. There are twenty categories of the awards. Therefore, we have three levels of distinction associated with each award. The Honorable Mention, Award of Excellence, and the Award of Distinction represent the three categories.

The United States Money Reserve is the largest distributors of state-issued silver, gold, and platinum products.