Todd Lubar; Smart Homes Are No Longer Futuristic, They Are Now A Reality

Not so many individuals get to navigate through the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship. Many give up along the way while others do not possess the prerequisite traits that will enable them to survive in this challenging field. There are different reasons as to why people from various generation take up entrepreneurship as their source of livelihood, and a means to create a difference in their societies. The older generation preferred entrepreneurship as a means of self-supervision and self-employment.

Today’s generation is choosing entrepreneurship instead of getting employed because they want to create solutions to various problems that are plaguing societies. According to a recent survey, a good number of millennials want to change their communities at the same time follow the desires of their hearts through entrepreneurship.

Regarding doing business, the two groups equally differ on how they approach entrepreneurship. The older generation prefers to engage in sole proprietorship while the millennials are keen on creating businesses with other partners. Millennials would rather synergize with other players in the industry and their friends to create an enterprise that works for all. They never worry a lot about how much money each one of them is making.

For an entrepreneur to succeed in the competitive business space, they need to possess some unique character traits that will push them towards the greater heights of business. Persistence is one of the key features that anyone who’s keen on venturing into business has to possess. They also need to be passionate on the path they have chosen and worked hard to ensure that they bring their dreams to life.

Todd Lubar is one of the most acclaimed business leaders in the technology and real estate industries. Todd Lubar is pioneering one of the most futuristic ideas in the real estate sector. Through his construction companies, he works to ensure that the concept of smart homes is no longer a futuristic concept but rather reality to most home owners. According to Todd, Smart homes will unlock the potential of previously marginalized individuals such as those who are living with disabilities. For more details, visit

Nathaniel Ru And Sweetgreen Fly High

Sweetgreen is a relatively young salad company that is currently operating in over 40 different locations. They incorporate all the popular ideals in the food industry by using fresh, organic, healthy and locally sourced ingredients. They have been a rising success so far as consumers prove they will choose healthy food if it is served quickly and at an affordable price. Sweetgreen has caught the attention of impressive investors like Daniel Boulad, Danny Meyer, and Steve Case. They are look upon with envy by other companies in the food industry due to their progressive and innovative ideas. Learn more:


The company was founded by Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet. They boys met in college and the rest was history. They noticed that their college town, Georgetown, had a very small number of health food stores and they decided to fill that void with Sweetgreen. All the founders are first-generation immigrants and are the children of entrepreneurs. Their parents were actually the ones that gave them their first round of funding when they were trying to open their first restaurant. After they graduated from college, they immediately opened their first location. That was in 2007 and in 2014 they were already doing interviews with Fortune by 2014. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru wishes he had made the time to read more books when he was younger. He believes we can all earn a lot from them and it is a good way to unwind and relax. The hardest thing for him in managing Sweetgreen is letting go. He learned that is it essential to build a team and trust others to complete the tasks that you previously were in charge of. Otherwise, nothing would ever get done. Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armour, is Nathaniel Ru’s hero and he studies all his work within his company. Nathaniel enjoys eating Thai Food as Johnny’s Monis’ Little Serow in DC when he is not eating salads at Sweetgreen. Learn more:

Nathaniel Ru graduated with a BS in Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007. He is the Co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen. In addition, he is also the Principal of SWTLF Ventures. Nathaniel has investments in MeUndies, EatPops, Bond Street, and LOLA. He is constantly on the look out for new opportunities and believe in living a happy, fulfilling, and healthy life. Sweetgreen is summation of everything he believes in thanks to its eco-friendly design. Learn more:


UK Vintners Make Buying Wine Easier

Wine is a delightful beverage. A glass of wine can add a welcome and warm note to a dark chocolate pudding, show off the sweetness in a piece of fish or help complement the onions in a bowl of onion soup. Those who love wine and want to buy it can find help from many sources such as UK Vintners. Vintners are people who create and sell wine. Many UK vintners choose to specialize in a specific kind of wine such as white wine or wine from Germany.

Many vintners are involved in the creation of a bottle of wine from grape to finished product. As a result, they know exactly what goes into the creation of a glass of wine from start to end result. Seeking their help in this matter can be very useful, allowing any wine lover to have a detailed, insider view of the subject.

The UK Wine Industry

The United Kingdom wine industry has a long and fascinating history. Since ancient Roman times, wine has been an integral part of the culture of this land. In the middle ages, grapes were grown in many areas of the UK while wine was also imported from other regions of Europe.

As a result, vintners in various parts of the island developed specific varieties of wines for locals to drink. They also developed networks of wine growers from other countries, enabling them to import wine from places such as France and Italy. Today, the wine industry in the United Kingdom continues to grow.

Buying Wine

For buyers who wish to create a well stocked wine cellar, working with UK vintners makes this process easier than ever. Wine can be purchased in many varied ways. Many vintners offer wine for sale online. This can be a great way to keep a specific variety of wine in stock all year round. Online delivery is quick, efficient and easy.

Many other vintners offer monthly memberships that allows the buyer to buy wine at a reduced price in turn for an annual fee. This is an ideal choice for those who buy lots of wine each year and want to save money.

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