How Jason Hope Sees The Internet Of Things Changing The World

Jason Hope recently sat down with Engadget and explained how the Internet of Things is going to change everything. The Internet of Things is a reference to the upcoming ability of technology being embedded into appliances, street lights, cars, and every other type of product that will allow them to sync and efficiently share data.

The influence of the Internet of Things is so big that, according to Jason, it will be the largest technological investment that many companies will ever have.

Some of the improvements that will come about because of the internet of things, Jason Hope says, will be reflected in areas like transportation. Getting places will be much safer as cars talk to each other and the road in order to avoid safety hazards. Buses and trains will be able to automatically avoid dangerous conditions as well as operate much more efficiently. He also says that this is going to result in less pollution and cleaner air.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has been in the field of mobile technology for over 13 years. He shares his knowledge with others such as young entrepreneurs and high school and college students. He has remarked that they often have some great ideas but don’t have the business acumen or financing to make any of them a reality. When he comes across a young entrepreneur with a fantastic idea he helps them develop the idea into something that is workable, helps them get their business up and running, and provides venture capital for financing them.

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