Jeremy Goldstein – Talking About the Pros and Cons of Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most trusted lawyers on compliance law, risk management, and administrative law in New York. He has been the legal counsel for many of the top companies in the United States and has an excellent track record over the years.

According to his LinkedIn Profile, Jeremy Goldstein is also considered an authority when it comes to advising the compensation committee for the higher management of the corporations. Recently, Jeremy Goldstein explained in details the features of knockout options to help the employees, as well as the employers, understand the intricacies involved with this option.

Jeremy Goldstein says that in the last few years, many companies have opted out of giving stock options to its employees, and it is not only to save money but for many other reasons as well.

Jeremy explains that in a way, it actually can be more beneficial for the employees as the stock options are only good if their market price is high, which in the volatile market fluctuates a lot and doesn’t guarantee profit in the future. Many of the employees feel that higher wages are much better in comparison to the getting stock options.

However, providing employees with stock options is also good for the company as they would feel the partial owner of the business and knows that if the company does well, the stocks will do well. And, when the stocks will do well, the personal wealth of the employees are also positively affected.

It helps in maintaining high standard in customer service and staff’ performance in the company. Jeremy Goldstein has worked for reputed law firms in the past, such as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz and much more.

The primary aim of Jeremy Goldstein is to ensure that his clients get the justice they deserve. He is also the partner at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC, one of the most reputed law firms in New York.