Cotemar: A Responsible and Full Service Business

Cotemar was first established in 1979, and dedicated itself to providing service such as food, lodging and providing boats in the energy sector. Today, the company is still devoted to providing service, but they have also branched in business within the onshore oil extraction sector. They have several values in which the business conducts itself on. These values include integrity, effectiveness, simplicity and innovation.

The values in which they hold true to their company are seen in everything that the business completes. For example, they continuously add new and improved technologies into their business to make their ventures more effective and successful. This innovative process is what makes Cotemar one of the top companies within Mexico who provides the services they provide to the industry.

Service wise, Cotemar has a wide range of offerings. One such service they offer is construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering at offshore facilities. With this service, they provide a one stop for all their clients. Cotemar can install materials, reducing the costs for the business, while also providing the technology that a business needs to properly perform their duties.

Cotemar also offers specialized ships and Marine support for those companies who may need this service. In most cases, these shops can house anywhere from 450 to 800 people. These ships can also help in transporting goods, and can be utilized in areas in which specialized teams need to get to oil spills or to fight fires that erupt. The other specialty service of the company is one that is not seen from other companies that are in the same market. This is their food and lodging service. This service is included on all ships that a person may be using. Cotemar include food preparation, the cleaning of the quarters, as well as washing and ironing clothing for those who are on board. Their main goal is to ensure that anyone who is present on their shops is well taken care of.

Essentially, Cotemar is on the cutting edge of technology within its market at With their key eye for detail, companies who utilize their services are ecstatic with the end results. On top of this, their attention to their values and goals as a company is what makes Cotemar a stand out company in this business sector!