Orange Coast College Receives Phenomenal Donation

One of the oldest community colleges in the nation recently received a phenomenal donation. The donation was in the amount of one million dollars. It was given to the school by a former professor, Mary McChesney. The donation was the recent topic of an article that was published by the Los Angeles Times.

The article was titled; “Retired Professor Donates $1 million For New Planetarium at Orange Coast College.” The article discussed the new planetarium that is being built on the school’s campus. It stated that Ms. McChesney’s donation will be used to purchase a special pendulum that shows the Earth’s rotation.

It also stated that Ms. McChesney made the donation in honor of her lifelong partner, who passed earlier this year. Ms. McChesney and her partner were both professors at the school for over twenty years.

The Orange Coast College’s campus opened in 1948. It is situated on 164 acres and is one of the largest community colleges in the country. The campus is located approximately forty miles south of Los Angeles, in the city of Costa Mesa. The school has a large student populations with almost 25,000 enrolled per semester.

Students have a large selection of courses and programs to choose from at Orange College. The school offers over 135 academic and career programs. One of the biggest draws to the school is its nautical program. The school offers the largest nonmilitary nautical program in the country.

The new Planetarium is not the only renovations that the school has been doing. In fact, it is only the latest project of many over the years. Several buildings have been renovated, including the Lewis Science Building and Watson Hall.

In 2008, the a new library was built on the campus. Then in 2015, a new project was completed for the Math, Business, and Computing Center.

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