The Previous Secretary with Edwards Realty Company, Tammy Mazzocco

The market in real estate around the whole of the United States of America has been on the rise in the recent years, and the sale of buildings in Ohio is becoming more interesting and attractive. As a matter of fact the booming real estate market has not only attracted many investors but also become the center of increasing number of homeowners in Ohio.

Major Homes and Condos around the Central Ohio now are sold at an approximate price of $199,950. The current figure is higher than the previous year by 8.1 percent as well as a slight 1 percent increase from the past month. The place has developed to become a destination for new magnificent homes based in Central Ohio, and there are no signs that such a trend will end anytime soon. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

One remarkable feature that makes the location favorable for massive expansion is the presence of vast and magnificent space that makes Ohio the best site for out of state resident. Another reason why people consider the Ohio is the cost of living that is relatively cheaper as compared to most parts of the country.

In a Blog Webpedia, Tammy Mazzocco started her career in the real estate industry where she worked as a secretary with Edwards Realty Company which was a commercial real estate corporation. She served together with a team of 9 economic agents lead by a dynamic Commercial Realtor called Mike Zelnik.

In the next seven years, Tammy Mazzocco spent her time at Scotland Yard serving in the condominium management. In 1995, when Tammy Mazzocco was at Condominium management she was licensed as a real estate agent at the suggestion of Cook reality Owner and Broker called Ken Cook.

Besides, Tammy Mazzocco worked with T&R Properties, and in the sum of 1998, she became a licensed personal assistant for Joe Armeni. Indeed Tammy spent most of her career life in the real estate industry.

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