Betsy DeVos the 11th Education Secretary

For a long time successful women were only referred to wife of or mother to, but never with a title of their own. But with the wave of feminism, things are bound to change. Betsy DeVos is one of the women who has built a solid career for herself and doesn’t have to depend on the popularity of her husband to get her own share of fame. In fact, if you google Dick DeVos, her husband, most of the articles that you find describe him as the husband to Betsy DeVos, the 11th US education secretary. She is setting pace for other women who never knew that they could step up beyond their male partners. Read more about their foundation at

Aside from being the current education secretary, Betsy DeVos is a successful American businesswoman, entrepreneurs, activist and philanthropist. She is successful in all the fields and even gets time to serve as an elder at her church. Such is what we call a phenomenon woman.

Betsy has been in politics since she was in her youth. Her days in Calvin College were spent in the school’s politics. This groomed her for the real worlds of politics. In the year 1982, her political career officially began. She joined and even participated in Michigan’s Republican Party.

From the year 1992, Betsy represented Michigan as its committeewoman for the Republican Party. She held this position for a period of five years. This was before being appointed as the chairman of Michigan Republican party. She again held this post until the year 2000. Three years on, she vied to be president of the Republican Party and was elected. In the year 2016, President Donald Trump appointed her as education secretary. Even though she seemed to against the man as a representation of her party, Trump found her as the perfect person to fill that seat.


Betsy’s Cristian background, accompanied with her love to serve people has led her to be one of the leading philanthropists in America. Hailing from one of the richest families in Grand Rapids and having been married to a man who shared the same vision with her. Together with her husband, they have founded a non-profit organizations that donates to various charitable courses. The foundation’s mainly contributes to arts, education, leadership and religious courses. She is known for her advocacy for private charter schools. Also, she is known for her activism for school vouchers, which should be used by the government to sponsor students to private schools. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

The Prominent George Soros

George Soros is a well -known billionaire and evidently, an investor who is Hungarian – American. He was born in the month of August 1930.He has one lovely wife by the name of Tamiko Bolton and five children. He attended London School of Economics. One of his greatest achievements is when he came up with a hedge fund under the name; Soros Fund Management in 1970.This was his beginning of becoming a wealthy and well-known influential figure. His net worth is estimated to be $25.2 Billion. This year,2017, he hired Dawn Fitzpatrick who is one of the well -known women of Wall Street. She was appointed as the Chief Investment Officer at Soros Fund Management.

Throughout, he has been a very staunch supporter of the Democrats, their operations, and tasks. This has been so clear with his involvement for more than 30 years. It is through his accumulation of wealth from Soros Fund Management that he came up with an organization in support of the equality and rights of people. He has an organization under his philanthropic actions which is called Open Society Foundation. This foundation is in over 100 countries and its main object when being formed was to assist states to transition from communism. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations. Open Society is a foundation that helps to ensure that the National Government gives people equal opportunities and it is transparent in its operations. It has helped form coalitions that keep different governments in check to try and avert corruption-related issues. Another key issue tackled by the foundation is voicing out that the LGBT community is treated equally. It confirms that they have access to health facilities just like everybody else. They campaign for their acceptance in the society.

George Soros is a giver; this is evident about the elections held in 2016 in the United States where it was revealed that he had donated more than $ 25 million to help Hillary Clinton and other Candidates who were Democrats. This shows that Soros is just not a public figure but somebody who has a big heart for helping the marginalized people in the society.

Soros has been an evident supporter of equality of people. This is clearly shown where over the years he has supported lawyers representing the underprivileged people. In the 1970’s he gave out scholarships to deserving South Africans during the Apartheid. All his actions were aimed at making the world an equal place and safe for everyone no matter whom they are. In the untimely 1980s, he also was a big motivator and encourager of people coming together and sharing ideas. Visit to know more about George Soros.

Besides being at the forefront of encouraging equality, he has over the years funded the art sector, has been on a war to fight diseases. Also, he offered assistance regarding finances to the Russian University. In 2015, he was ranked as one of the richest people in the world. Over the years, he has written 12 books with different themes some being on topics such as capitalism.


University of Maryland Blooms Under New Initiative funded by Bruce Levenson

When it comes to making a difference in the world, what can you really do? The answer has probably been posed and answered by former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson — many times. Bruce Levenson bought into the Atlanta Hawks over a decade ago and his steady hand helped to guide the team to prosperity ( A couple of years ago Levenson decided to sell his stake in the team in order to move on and re-focus on something that mattered to him: philanthropy.

The Do Good Institute is an initiative established by the University of Maryland that aims to help create a new generation of philanthropic leaders. The initiative saw $75 million in funding from Bruce and Karen Levenson. The state of Maryland would go to put their own $20 million toward the initiative, thus giving the Do Good Institute a full array of funding at the University of Maryland. Bruce Levenson had sold the Hawks in 2014 and already, just a few years later, his newest initiative looks to be a sure fire success.

The Do Good Institute seeks to transform the University of Maryland into a campus that helps to create and educate future philanthropic leaders of the business world. This is being done at the moment through the first course on the initiative’s plan: Philanthropy 101. As explained on PR Newswire, Philanthropy 101 focuses on giving students a hands on approach to giving back to causes and communities that they care for. The class puts $10,000 into the hands of the students as they are guided through the process of establishing a philanthropic endeavor that is successful, targeted, and of high quality.

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