Securus Technologies Implements New Drone Detection Program

Securus Technologies has always been one step ahead when it comes to the implementation of new systems. Be it the implementation of inmate monitoring systems, wireless containment systems, or even the newest drone detection systems, they have implemented technology that has been able to combat whatever new adversary prisons across the country face.


With the new access that people have to drones, owning a piece of this technology is easier than it was before. With even toy drones being as effective as the real deal, smuggling goods into prisons has now become child’s play. Inmates are now indulging in activities whereby they use drones that are operated by their allies on the outside. These drones have been used to smuggle drugs, contraband, and weapons, that have led to havoc and disruptions in prisons. These drones pose a huge risk not only to the inmates, but also the correctional officers overseeing the premises and all those who are involved in the functioning of the prisons.


There have been several reports of illegal substances being brought into prisons through this method, which is why Securus Technologies saw it important to curtail the issue and prevent it from creating disruptions in the prisons that they are operational in. The company has always believed that technology can be used in a way to benefit both inmates and society, and therefore decided to start the development of a new drone detection system.


These systems work to prevent the drones from entering the premises of the prisons. As soon as a drone is detected, the technology in place will be able to take control of them so that they can reach officials as opposed to the inmate who is trying to get a hold of them. Securus Technologies has already started the initial rounds of testing and is beginning to see the usefulness of these products.


More and more prisons are choosing Securus Technologies because of the services that they provide and the benefit that they offer to the prisons that they are operational in. These services have proven to be more effective in keeping track of inmates, and also serves as a better alternative to the traditional modes of monitoring that correctional officers used to undertake. The company wants to be able to implement technology in the best way possible so that they can keep the public out of harm’s way and so that people can live without fear in society.


Securus Technologies Keeping Close Tabs on Dangerous Fugitives

When a fugitive is running wild on the streets of my city, me and my fellow officers are dispersed to try and get the suspect off the streets as quickly as possible. This was going to be a very problematic case because this fugitive had a huge support network that was willing to do anything to frustrate law enforcement. In order to track this suspect down and keep our city safe, we are constantly making use of a number of resources that are at our disposal.


When we have exhausted all of these resources and no informants are willing to come forward, then we have to utilize some pretty unconventional methods to try and get the results we are looking for. This time we were headed to the local prison to try and get some leads from the most unconventional of sources. The inmates in the local jail are not usually receptive to helping the police find anyone, but we were going to get them talking and helping us without them even realizing how helpful they could be.


To pull this off, we were going to have to utilize the call monitoring system that Securus Technologies installed to help listen to the inmates on the telephone. The company is based in Texas, and all thousand employees are committed to making the world safe. Having thousands of these units in jails around the country, we knew we had a tool at our disposal that would get us some type of results.


Not an hour after we let the inmates know we needed help, one newly incarcerated inmate ran to the phone to warn his cousins we were closing the gap. We didn’t have that cousin on our radar until that call, and it was pivotal in helping us finally catch the suspect in the middle of the night.


Securus Technologies – Making a Big Impact through the use of Technology in Correctional Sphere

Securus Technologies has made tremendous contributions in the field of inmate communications and crime prevention technology in recent years. The company that started in the year 1986 has now grown to dominate the world of prison communication, criminal justice, and crime prevention technology. The firm has been going places with its productive technology for the detainees, and the fact that it helps the prisoners to communicate with its friends and families cheaply is also one of the reasons for its massive popularity.


The products and services of Securus Technologies are used by over 1.2 million prisoners and 2,200 law enforcement agencies. The world of crime has become advanced, and it has become essential for the law enforcement agencies to use technology to its advantage to work efficiently. It is due to the companies such as Securus Technologies, many of the law enforcement agencies can use the data analytics and government information systems effectively to arrest criminals and stop crime. There are many other similar services offered by Securus Technologies to help the law enforcement officials, which includes LBS Service and Investigation PRO.


Recently, the company released a highly debated press released online where the corporation published excerpts from the letters written to Securus Technologies by the police and law enforcement officials, showcasing appreciation for the company’s exceptional products and services. The law enforcement personnel said how the company’s products and services help them in catching the offenders quickly and keep criminal in check by monitoring their communications actively.


As a law enforcement official for over a decade, I feel that technology was always needed in our job. And, thanks to Securus Technologies, we now have an information pool we can rely upon to give us credible information that would help reduce crime and assist in catching the criminals with great ease.

Securus Technologies’ Tools Help Law Enforcement Solve And Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies, a leading developer and provider of criminal justice tools for the law enforcement sector, has released a press release that highlights how its technology makes prisons and the community at large safer. The monitoring company also welcomes law enforcement personnel, detectives, and clients who use competitors to its research and technology center in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. They can see some of the latest and best technologies available for law enforcement today at the center. Below are some of the client testimonials from customers who have used Securus Technologies devices and software to help solve and prevent crimes in their facilities and on the outside.


One facility left feedback on Securus Technologies’ products that helped them identify a corrupt prison staff member. Thanks to Securus monitoring and recording devices, that corrupt prison employee has been caught red handed with bringing contraband into the facility and selling them to inmates. This is just one of numerous cases where Securus recording and monitoring tools have helped root out corruption and stem the flow on contraband.


At another facility, Securus products were helpful in crackdown on the sale of illegal narcotics and alcohol use by inmates. Phone recording technology by Securus also helped track suspicious money transfers and identify a person outside the jail who was illegally reselling prescription drugs at discounted prices without doctor approved prescriptions.


Thanks to monitoring and recording devices installed at an inmate facility, law enforcement at one facility were able to uncover lies and a blatant attempt at cover up between an inmate and his family members. The inmate was brought to justice and the family later admitted to lying to try and help their inmate family member escape a sentence for criminal activity.


A Blessed Family Time from Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit

I will get right to the point. I am so grateful for Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. That program helped to make Christmas for our family one of great joy and happiness. Our loved one just recently received her sentence to do time in a prison facility. While we were all devastated, we decided to focus on our youngsters who are enjoying the season of Christmas.They began asking for their mom. No one had the courage to tell the babies exactly what happened. Her time there is short, but it is hard every day being away from her children. We knew we wouldn’t dare take them to a prison facility. That was out of the question. We all just had to tough it out as a family.We tried our best to distract her kids with the joys of Christmas music and window shopping. We took them to see the Christmas lights. But nothing can take the place of seeing your mother.Our loved one in jail told us about Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. We were so happy as we knew it would be the perfect time for her to see her children. And they would be relieved to see their mom.


They didn’t know why we were dressing them.They thought we were going out. When we got hooked into the website, we waited for the countdown. When she appeared, we all started clapping.The kids came to see what we were clapping about. When they saw their mother, they started jumping and screaming. They were running and dancing. Then they started crying. The grownups didn’t know what to do. We all had a wonderful visit.It was a very emotional time for us all. And it was made possible because of Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit.


Now that the day has ended, and we have all settled down, I felt compelled to write this letter of thanks. During hard times when you don’t know what to do, it’s nice to have someone on the outside even trying to provide a glimmer of hope for your life. For us, it was all about her children receiving some comfort and joy. And what a better time than during the holiday season.Thank you Securus Technologies for the Christmas Video Visit.