Gaining National Attention: Sawyer Howitt

As the raquetball sport continuously grow in popularity, young athletes are trail blazing a lane of their own. One notable up-and-coming raquetball athlete hails from the state of Oregon. Considered an elite player, the Portland native Sawyer Howitt has gained a tremendous amount of notoriety in recent years.

Sawyer Howitt captured local attention in his superlative match against Eric Poppleston in 2015. The two students faced off in the Oregon Highschool State Championship. The younger of the two, Sawyer would ultimately walk away empty handed. Even tho he did not win the trophy in 2015, he established his arrival and made it very clear he was competition amongst the elite.

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Sawyer continued his post highschool raquetball experience, playing with the Raquetball Club of Portland. The rising star is expected to grace National Raquetball tournaments in due time. Honing his skills, Sawyer Howitt continues to practice and play friendly match up against team mates of his caliber. The young raquetball player has solidified an unique position in the sport. Known as one of the young talents of the Raquetball Club of Portland, Sawyer has managed to create discussions on a national level of raquetball. Although he participated strictly in the Boy’s Highschool Single Matchups, Sawyer is expected to surprise fans with unexpected matches and match ups.