Betsy DeVos the 11th Education Secretary

For a long time successful women were only referred to wife of or mother to, but never with a title of their own. But with the wave of feminism, things are bound to change. Betsy DeVos is one of the women who has built a solid career for herself and doesn’t have to depend on the popularity of her husband to get her own share of fame. In fact, if you google Dick DeVos, her husband, most of the articles that you find describe him as the husband to Betsy DeVos, the 11th US education secretary. She is setting pace for other women who never knew that they could step up beyond their male partners. Read more about their foundation at

Aside from being the current education secretary, Betsy DeVos is a successful American businesswoman, entrepreneurs, activist and philanthropist. She is successful in all the fields and even gets time to serve as an elder at her church. Such is what we call a phenomenon woman.

Betsy has been in politics since she was in her youth. Her days in Calvin College were spent in the school’s politics. This groomed her for the real worlds of politics. In the year 1982, her political career officially began. She joined and even participated in Michigan’s Republican Party.

From the year 1992, Betsy represented Michigan as its committeewoman for the Republican Party. She held this position for a period of five years. This was before being appointed as the chairman of Michigan Republican party. She again held this post until the year 2000. Three years on, she vied to be president of the Republican Party and was elected. In the year 2016, President Donald Trump appointed her as education secretary. Even though she seemed to against the man as a representation of her party, Trump found her as the perfect person to fill that seat.


Betsy’s Cristian background, accompanied with her love to serve people has led her to be one of the leading philanthropists in America. Hailing from one of the richest families in Grand Rapids and having been married to a man who shared the same vision with her. Together with her husband, they have founded a non-profit organizations that donates to various charitable courses. The foundation’s mainly contributes to arts, education, leadership and religious courses. She is known for her advocacy for private charter schools. Also, she is known for her activism for school vouchers, which should be used by the government to sponsor students to private schools. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.