Brown Modeling Agency Is Thriving With Quality Clients Getting Quality Work

The collaboration of two of the largest talent agencies in Texas by the names of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman-Talent South, has merged to become The Brown Agency. Justin Brown was the head of Wilhelmina Austin which launched in 2010, and was known as a modeling agency. Michael B. Bonnee ,was the founder of Heyman-Talent South recognized as one of the most successful acting agencies in Austin, Texas. This joint venture now gives clients a broader spectrum of work and opportunities across the country. The combination of these two established agencies has created something that no other agency can do which is offer so much in one place.


Here at The Brown Agency, Justin Brown spearheads as CEO and President. Justin is no stranger to this line of work. While attending college, he worked as a fit model for Lucky Brand. The clothing line designed jeans for his specific body type. Justin continued his career as an agent at several modeling agencies. Michael Bonnee contributes his knowledge and expertise to the agency’s theatrical division. Since the launch, the theatrical agency has booked recurring roles on the shows The Leftovers, American Crime, and Queen of the South.


The Brown Agency deems itself as a full-service agency with several divisions. These include representation of models and actors in the areas of commercials, film, television, industrial videos, voiceovers, print catalogue, fashion, runway, conventions, trade shows, promotional and corporate events. The agency serves more than 450 talents. They are offered visibility and exposure to some of the largest and well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Target and Dell. For more details visit



Model talent from this agency have had consistent work. They have dominated the runways for Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, and Miami Fashion Week to name a few. Founders Justin and Michael, take great pride in the talent their agency has to offer in both the commercial and modeling divisions. They use their knowledge and experience to select the most talented individuals to represent them. These men and women offer top-notch professionalism. They can be depended on to complete each job with excellence that leaves a lasting impression.


Not only are the founders pleased, but so is the talent. They believe The Brown Agency looks out for their needs and places them with the best clients. Actors and models who work with the agency feel the comradery among talent and staff is one of their biggest assets. The talent is excited to share amongst each other all positive stories of their experiences, and they are proud to represent the agency. This agency is having tremendous success, and see only greater possibilities in their future.





How Kate Hudson has made a fortune through Fabletics

With only three years in the market, Fabletics has marked a record for its enormous growth. The Kate Hudson’s athletic fashion company has made amusements to consumers due to her great innovative and marketing strategies. Within the short span, the company has grown to worth more than $250 million. Kate has in the short period managed to make use of the available business strategies that any prospective online entrepreneur should embrace.


Before launching the Company, she had scaled out an opportunity in women outfits and cloth wear. The market lacked an affordable, convenient and effective method to purchase the products. To create the company, she made use of the subscription service business model that permitted customers to receive outfit of their choices every month. Immediately after the establishment of the company, it gained instant success with subscribers making a steady growth till today.


To the current position, Fabletics has grown and expanded to own many brick and motor stores across the globe. The unusual success has all been through the help of Amazon. From the previous success and achievements made, the company has even plans to open some more branches globally. Part of the success of the made by the company has all been attributed to the use of the reverse showroom technique. The technique, allows customers to first have a view of the products online before purchasing from the store.


With the technique, all that the company does is make use of user data that they gather from their brand’s website. To know about the needs of her customers, she studies their trends and sales. With the knowledge of the products that do well in a particular region, they get informed of the products they should stock in each of the regions. Through the technique, Hudson can be said to have struck gold in the entrepreneurial field through her Fabletics business.


In addition to the reverse showroom technique, Hudson has also been making use of social media to publicize her business. It has of late grown to have an immense following in the Social media with its major platforms including Instagram and Facebook. To identify the products that are on a high demand she makes use of features such as likes, shares as well as comments. Most of her customers are said to have been through referrals from social media and thus it is a significant tool towards her success in the business.

How Amazon Prompted Fabletics to Introduce the Reverse Showroom Technique

Amazon’s success has prompted retailers in all industries to rethink their strategy. As of 2017, the e-retail giant is stated to have control of up to 20% of the entire e-commerce realm according to an article posted on Forbes. That handicap has not, however, discouraged the entrepreneurial spirit of investors like Kate Hudson. Kate and her business partners have created a fashion brand estimated to be worth a whopping $250M in the span of just three years.


Fabletics recently announced plans to open new physical offices. They currently have 16 stores nationwide. According to the GM of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, the company’s momentous growth stems from among many other things, the fact that Fabletics offers high-end, high-value products always. Then, there are the affordable prices charged to consumers as compared to their closest competitors.


Fabletics isn’t like your regular business. No, it’s uniquely different in many ways. For instance, the enterprise has a strategy known as reverse showrooming. That innovation arose from the realization of how people have a tendency of window shopping for items in traditional brick and stone stores then once the consumers find something they love, they proceed to go ordering the goods from sites like


That has hurt the revenues of the regular stores. Fabletics came up with an ingenious method to overcome that particular problem. They worked towards making personal connections with their walk-in customers. The strategy has seen their subscription numbers go up by close to 40%. The fashion boutique automatically adds any apparel the customer tried on to their online shopping cart for easier future reference.


How Reverse Showroom Techniques Work


In a bold new move, Kate Hudson’s brand uses algorithms to study the fashion trends of the consumers in particular locales. The algorithmic thinking is inspired by the raw data curated about the lifestyles of the consumers from their membership applications. The end-result is a scenario which culminates into a happy, satisfied client, according to Dustin Netral, the Senior Vice President at Fabletics. Implementing the reverse showroom techniques has been a costly undertaking. The costs, however, pale in comparison when juxtaposed with the outcomes of the endeavor. The fashion line continues to streamline its business model towards becoming a future billion dollar entity.


Teri, the lead contributor of A Foodie Stays Fit blog, sums up the pros and the cons associated with using the broad range of products and services provided by Fabletics. Teri offers excellent advice on how you can save tons of money on the monthly subscriptions. Check out the article and fill in the brief questionnaire to find out the fashion matches by Fabletics available to you today.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is an American registered company specializing in fashion retail. It started operations in 2013. Consumers have the option of either purchasing the workout apparel from their physical stores or online. Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler are the luminaries behind this venture estimated to be worth $250 million. Fabletics started in 2013, and its headquarters are in El Segundo, California.