Naruto: One of the Greatest Ninja Anime


Although there are many different ninja anime out there, one of the shows that stand out the most is Naruto. The anime became popular upon its release in 2002 and the original series ran until 2007 with 220 episodes.


The story starts off about a young boy in a village. Being one of multiple village, the main force that protects each village is the villages own ninja. Naruto, the young boy, shows how difficult it can be to become a ninja, and follows him throughout the journey.  Along with his teammates Sasuke and Sakura, and his teacher Kakashi, Naruto navigates his way to becoming a ninja.


Due to the large popularity of the show, there are many memorable quotes that some fans can quote word for word. Some of these Naruto quotes are:



  • “Believe it!”
  • “To become Hokage is my dream!”
  • “I have long since closed my eyes… My only goal is in the darkness.”
  • “Naruto, it’s nice that you removed the poison so spiritedly, but you’ll bleed to death if you lose any more… seriously.”
  • “Hello students, today I got lost on the road of life.”
  • “All I’ve been doing is watching you two from behind… now, get a good look at my back!”