Sentient AI – Personalized Merchandising

Personalized merchandising is the technology of the future. The company Sentient AI has developed the breaking platform that is sweeping the corporate landscape. The technology has helped retail giants increase their conversion and engagement. The algorithm is so alive that it almost seems smarter than the average human. Sentient AI teamed up with Ascend to create this revolutionary new software and the companies that have already implemented it are ahead of the rest of the market. Some say it is like cyborgs are taking over and they fear that the software will take jobs away from people. However, the software was designed to make people’s jobs easier not to detract from workers in the workplace.

The personalized merchandising system is one of the most beneficial features of Sentient AI’s software. The personalized merchandising system works by providing customers with the right products they need at the right time they are looking for them. It has given people more time to shop and has given marketers more time to create new ads. Indeed, the time that marketers currently spend on tasks like analyzing trends and calculating conversion is time that could be spent creating. Sentient AI helps marketers by taking in multiple inputs at a time and calculating all the important metrics. It will follow your customers and report their behavior in every step of the pipeline.

When web developers and marketers want to decide on which type of ad will be the most beneficial to a certain campaign they often engage in multi-variate testing. This is only possible with Sentient AI. The algorithm will take in all of the inputs that teams have designed – new ads, new product pages, landing pages – and it will test them against a control. The elements that perform best will evolve into future generations for the final production stage. Once Sentient AI has completed testing you will have a website that is perfectly optimized for profit! Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

The space on each page can be individually targeted to your consumers’ unique tastes. By using Sentient AI personalized merchandising you can target your customer by their individual interests. Whenever they search for a product that your page is offering or they look at a page on your site they will be presented with offers that relate to that interest. They will then be allowed to buy the item they were searching for much quicker. This system of individual marketing makes the customer feel like your site is perfect for them and will increase conversion.