Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer: A Successful Businessman

He may have been born with a silver spoon, but Duda Melzer has managed to build an empire and raised the family business to greater heights. Duda has become one of the prominent people in the world of business. Being born in an entrepreneurial family, Duda developed an interest in entrepreneurship from a very young age.

He is the current chairman and president of the RBS Group. RBS is a company that was founded by his Grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. Eduardo ‘Duda’ Melzer succeeded Nelson Sirotsky to become the chairman in 2016. Even though it is a family business, Duda had to work to earn his position at the Company, more info can be found on globo.

Duda graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University with Bachelor of Business Administration in 1998. He also holds an MBA from Harvard University. Soon, after completing his Bachelor degree, he went to North America to start his career. In 2002, he became the Senior Financial Analyst at the Delphi Corporation. During the same period, he worked as the Director General of Box Top Media Company.

According to acaert, in 2004, he joined the RBS Group as the Director General for the National Market. Duda was appointed the acting vice president of the market and business development in 2008. After two years, he became the C.E.O of the Company. He acceded to the position of president in 2012, and he led the Company to greater success. Under his leadership, RBS Group was among the three media companies that generated the most value for their clients in 2014. RBS Group was listed among the top ten most innovative companies in Brazil.

Duda also serves as the chairman of e.Bricks Digital which is an investment company in business development in the digital sector. e.Bricks Digital has invested a significant amount of money to the start-up companies that have an innovative and profitable technology idea. The Company seeks to invest in businesses that can improve the quality of education, health, and financial services.

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University of Maryland Blooms Under New Initiative funded by Bruce Levenson

When it comes to making a difference in the world, what can you really do? The answer has probably been posed and answered by former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson — many times. Bruce Levenson bought into the Atlanta Hawks over a decade ago and his steady hand helped to guide the team to prosperity ( A couple of years ago Levenson decided to sell his stake in the team in order to move on and re-focus on something that mattered to him: philanthropy.

The Do Good Institute is an initiative established by the University of Maryland that aims to help create a new generation of philanthropic leaders. The initiative saw $75 million in funding from Bruce and Karen Levenson. The state of Maryland would go to put their own $20 million toward the initiative, thus giving the Do Good Institute a full array of funding at the University of Maryland. Bruce Levenson had sold the Hawks in 2014 and already, just a few years later, his newest initiative looks to be a sure fire success.

The Do Good Institute seeks to transform the University of Maryland into a campus that helps to create and educate future philanthropic leaders of the business world. This is being done at the moment through the first course on the initiative’s plan: Philanthropy 101. As explained on PR Newswire, Philanthropy 101 focuses on giving students a hands on approach to giving back to causes and communities that they care for. The class puts $10,000 into the hands of the students as they are guided through the process of establishing a philanthropic endeavor that is successful, targeted, and of high quality.

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VTA Publications Founder Jim Hunt Talks About Today’s Market And Its Future

Jim Hunt always takes a calm and measured approach to the developments in global markets whether the news has been good or bad. Whether a bull or a bear market is coming, he believes in making investments and sticking with them, so long as they are smart investments. Jim Hunt VTA Publications weighed in on the global market events that took place after the presidential election of 2016. He said that while the US stock market showed some downturn and volatility, it’s remained relatively stable as compared to previous election cycles mentioned on He also believes the coming years will be a good time to invest in industrial and financial stocks due to policies from the Trump administration expected to favor those sectors.

Jim Hunt is the Founder and CEO of VTA Publications. Hunt’s experience in investing began back when he worked at a big bank in the UK, but he later felt it was time to go out on his own and show less knowledgeable investors how they could get around the bank to invest and trade stocks. So Jim Hunt VTA Publications started the company to share information on investing and starting a business, and even included insights on planning retirement, learning how to read and use stock charts, and about other little-known investment options. VTA Publications also has recorded seminars from various business experts about investing and business strategies at

Jim Hunt VTA Publications also has offered viewers an in-depth look at his investments and trades via YouTube videos. The videos also include two projects he started at VTA Publications called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about a secret to investing and trading just before a bear market hits that will turn a profit if you make the right two phone calls. “Making Mum a Millionaire” was designed to show investors just how simple trading stocks can be, and how picking the right stock and making 10 trades could make you a tax-free millionaire. You can find out more about Jim Hunt and his work, or order distance learning materials in both print and electronic media format by going to

The Importance of Listening When Vijay Eswaran Speaks

One thing that is very important is for people to listen when Vijay Eswaran speaks because he has a lot of advice on living a fulfilling life. He has found what means the most to him and he has pursued it.

For one thing, a lot of what he has to say is counter cultural to what people are used to hearing. One of the ways that people say to find self fulfillment is by just keeping to one’s self and doing for one’s own self. Vijay has found that it is better for him to help others and look at ways to touch other’s lives.

Vijay has been so passionate about helping others that he has started a business based on helping others. This has given him a lot of insight on what people need. Therefore, this gives him a lot of ideas on what he could offer for his business.

He has run plenty of fundraisers in order to get people to provide assistance to poor communities and schools in poor countries and cultures.

Vijay has also taken the time to offer help to people that are often the most neglected group. He has offered opportunities to entrepreneurs. This makes his foundation and company unique from others. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

His company is involved in many different forms of business. However, everything he does is based on what it can do to improve the lives of others.

Vijay Eswaran also speaks on the purpose of making one’s central passion the major focus on everything he does. For one thing, if one loses track of his passion, then he may become tired of doing the work he does.

As a result, he might fail to carry out his passion. He speaks on this topic and many of other life changing topics that are deeply important issues.

Evolution of Smooth Reveals Success Secrets in Exclusive Fast Company Interview

The founders of Evolution of Smooth, or EOS as they are more commonly known, have revealed information about the success of their company in an exclusive Fast Company interview.

Previously, the company had been mostly mum when it comes to their success and the methods they used to achieve that success, but they have recently discussed that success and divulged a few of their secrets with the world.

Almost everyone has a passing familiarity with the pastel-colored orbs of lip balm, but most people probably don’t know how EOS came to be or how exactly they became one of the dominating brands in the lip balm industry.

Lip balm has remained nearly unchanged for over a century. Since its inception, it has been sold to consumers in the same little sticks that come packaged with an almost clinical feel. Marketed to both sexes, lip balm has no target demographic – a fact EOS would come to exploit.

While lip balm companies typically don’t target a demographic, it is women who are the typical purchasers and users of lip balm. This allowed EOS to insert themselves into the market as a product specifically for women, and in EOS’ case, especially millennial women. EOS made its way on stores such as Racked, Walmart and even Ulta.


By utilizing multiple avenues of brand recognition, EOS built a following among its target consumers. Engaging with women through social media, such as Instagram, and through bloggers, EOS reached out and made connections with the people who were already purchasing lip balm.

But a target demographic is only one facet of their continued success. The iconic design of EOS is another critical piece to the puzzle. Every aspect of the EOS lip balm design was carefully chosen to craft a unique product that engages all five of the senses.

Read more about Evolution of Smooth and their exclusive interview here. To learn more about the company and its products, visit the Evolution of Smooth website.

Naruto: One of the Greatest Ninja Anime


Although there are many different ninja anime out there, one of the shows that stand out the most is Naruto. The anime became popular upon its release in 2002 and the original series ran until 2007 with 220 episodes.


The story starts off about a young boy in a village. Being one of multiple village, the main force that protects each village is the villages own ninja. Naruto, the young boy, shows how difficult it can be to become a ninja, and follows him throughout the journey.  Along with his teammates Sasuke and Sakura, and his teacher Kakashi, Naruto navigates his way to becoming a ninja.


Due to the large popularity of the show, there are many memorable quotes that some fans can quote word for word. Some of these Naruto quotes are:



  • “Believe it!”
  • “To become Hokage is my dream!”
  • “I have long since closed my eyes… My only goal is in the darkness.”
  • “Naruto, it’s nice that you removed the poison so spiritedly, but you’ll bleed to death if you lose any more… seriously.”
  • “Hello students, today I got lost on the road of life.”
  • “All I’ve been doing is watching you two from behind… now, get a good look at my back!”

Securus Technologies’ Tools Help Law Enforcement Solve And Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies, a leading developer and provider of criminal justice tools for the law enforcement sector, has released a press release that highlights how its technology makes prisons and the community at large safer. The monitoring company also welcomes law enforcement personnel, detectives, and clients who use competitors to its research and technology center in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. They can see some of the latest and best technologies available for law enforcement today at the center. Below are some of the client testimonials from customers who have used Securus Technologies devices and software to help solve and prevent crimes in their facilities and on the outside.


One facility left feedback on Securus Technologies’ products that helped them identify a corrupt prison staff member. Thanks to Securus monitoring and recording devices, that corrupt prison employee has been caught red handed with bringing contraband into the facility and selling them to inmates. This is just one of numerous cases where Securus recording and monitoring tools have helped root out corruption and stem the flow on contraband.


At another facility, Securus products were helpful in crackdown on the sale of illegal narcotics and alcohol use by inmates. Phone recording technology by Securus also helped track suspicious money transfers and identify a person outside the jail who was illegally reselling prescription drugs at discounted prices without doctor approved prescriptions.


Thanks to monitoring and recording devices installed at an inmate facility, law enforcement at one facility were able to uncover lies and a blatant attempt at cover up between an inmate and his family members. The inmate was brought to justice and the family later admitted to lying to try and help their inmate family member escape a sentence for criminal activity.


Vijay Eswaran a Man of Many Hats

Named Number 25 of Forbes Asia’s Malaysia’s 50 Richest back in February of 2013, Vijay Eswaran has achieved much acclaim for creating the RYTHM Foundation which stands as a vital part of the QI Group. He is also known for creating another highly active charity known as the Vijayaratnam Foundation and has gained notoriety everywhere for his generous donations on Facebook to other charities outside his own as well as individual people in need of his assistance alongside creating other community programs meant to help the everyday individuals through mentoring and other such programs. Through all his outstanding civil actions he has found himself in New York’s Global Indian Business Meet where he was awarded the NGI (or New Global Indian) award for Philanthropy and Business Excellence back in 2012. As well, Eswaran has also been noted as one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy by Forbes Asia back in 2011’s July issue.

Since going back to Asia in 1998, Vijay Eswaran has co-founded the QI Group. QI Group is marketing company build to be multilevel in respects to media, travel, luxury products, training, wellness, telecommunications, corporate investments, and wellness. QI Group has managed to achieve growing into multiple offices in multiple districts including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. So far, they are in ten countries, and looking at growing further with their impressive leader, Vijay Eswaran taking strides in publishing books and impressing his dreams for a bright tomorrow for his company.

Read more @vjayeswaran

Among his published works are In the Sphere of Silence at, which paints a visual of his own management philosophies, including his structured morning of one hour of silence before taking part in the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Whether it’s writing unique books comprised of his own personal perspectives, assisting in marketing and commerce through the QI Group, or helping others, Eswaran is an inspiration for us all.

A Blessed Family Time from Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit

I will get right to the point. I am so grateful for Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. That program helped to make Christmas for our family one of great joy and happiness. Our loved one just recently received her sentence to do time in a prison facility. While we were all devastated, we decided to focus on our youngsters who are enjoying the season of Christmas.They began asking for their mom. No one had the courage to tell the babies exactly what happened. Her time there is short, but it is hard every day being away from her children. We knew we wouldn’t dare take them to a prison facility. That was out of the question. We all just had to tough it out as a family.We tried our best to distract her kids with the joys of Christmas music and window shopping. We took them to see the Christmas lights. But nothing can take the place of seeing your mother.Our loved one in jail told us about Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. We were so happy as we knew it would be the perfect time for her to see her children. And they would be relieved to see their mom.


They didn’t know why we were dressing them.They thought we were going out. When we got hooked into the website, we waited for the countdown. When she appeared, we all started clapping.The kids came to see what we were clapping about. When they saw their mother, they started jumping and screaming. They were running and dancing. Then they started crying. The grownups didn’t know what to do. We all had a wonderful visit.It was a very emotional time for us all. And it was made possible because of Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit.


Now that the day has ended, and we have all settled down, I felt compelled to write this letter of thanks. During hard times when you don’t know what to do, it’s nice to have someone on the outside even trying to provide a glimmer of hope for your life. For us, it was all about her children receiving some comfort and joy. And what a better time than during the holiday season.Thank you Securus Technologies for the Christmas Video Visit.


UK Vintners Make Buying Wine Easier

Wine is a delightful beverage. A glass of wine can add a welcome and warm note to a dark chocolate pudding, show off the sweetness in a piece of fish or help complement the onions in a bowl of onion soup. Those who love wine and want to buy it can find help from many sources such as UK Vintners. Vintners are people who create and sell wine. Many UK vintners choose to specialize in a specific kind of wine such as white wine or wine from Germany.

Many vintners are involved in the creation of a bottle of wine from grape to finished product. As a result, they know exactly what goes into the creation of a glass of wine from start to end result. Seeking their help in this matter can be very useful, allowing any wine lover to have a detailed, insider view of the subject.

The UK Wine Industry

The United Kingdom wine industry has a long and fascinating history. Since ancient Roman times, wine has been an integral part of the culture of this land. In the middle ages, grapes were grown in many areas of the UK while wine was also imported from other regions of Europe.

As a result, vintners in various parts of the island developed specific varieties of wines for locals to drink. They also developed networks of wine growers from other countries, enabling them to import wine from places such as France and Italy. Today, the wine industry in the United Kingdom continues to grow.

Buying Wine

For buyers who wish to create a well stocked wine cellar, working with UK vintners makes this process easier than ever. Wine can be purchased in many varied ways. Many vintners offer wine for sale online. This can be a great way to keep a specific variety of wine in stock all year round. Online delivery is quick, efficient and easy.

Many other vintners offer monthly memberships that allows the buyer to buy wine at a reduced price in turn for an annual fee. This is an ideal choice for those who buy lots of wine each year and want to save money.

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