Securus Technologies Implements New Drone Detection Program

Securus Technologies has always been one step ahead when it comes to the implementation of new systems. Be it the implementation of inmate monitoring systems, wireless containment systems, or even the newest drone detection systems, they have implemented technology that has been able to combat whatever new adversary prisons across the country face.


With the new access that people have to drones, owning a piece of this technology is easier than it was before. With even toy drones being as effective as the real deal, smuggling goods into prisons has now become child’s play. Inmates are now indulging in activities whereby they use drones that are operated by their allies on the outside. These drones have been used to smuggle drugs, contraband, and weapons, that have led to havoc and disruptions in prisons. These drones pose a huge risk not only to the inmates, but also the correctional officers overseeing the premises and all those who are involved in the functioning of the prisons.


There have been several reports of illegal substances being brought into prisons through this method, which is why Securus Technologies saw it important to curtail the issue and prevent it from creating disruptions in the prisons that they are operational in. The company has always believed that technology can be used in a way to benefit both inmates and society, and therefore decided to start the development of a new drone detection system.


These systems work to prevent the drones from entering the premises of the prisons. As soon as a drone is detected, the technology in place will be able to take control of them so that they can reach officials as opposed to the inmate who is trying to get a hold of them. Securus Technologies has already started the initial rounds of testing and is beginning to see the usefulness of these products.


More and more prisons are choosing Securus Technologies because of the services that they provide and the benefit that they offer to the prisons that they are operational in. These services have proven to be more effective in keeping track of inmates, and also serves as a better alternative to the traditional modes of monitoring that correctional officers used to undertake. The company wants to be able to implement technology in the best way possible so that they can keep the public out of harm’s way and so that people can live without fear in society.


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