Daniel Taub – Former Foreign Diplomat, Writer, Educator & Attorney

Celebrated British native, Daniel Taub, is a former high profile diplomat for Israel. The last official government post that he held before his recent retirement from politics was as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom (during the years of 2011 through 2016). He has also worked as a successful writer and as an international attorney as well. Learn more about Daniel Taub:  https://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/features/farewell-mr-ambassador-interview-with-daniel-taub-1.67939 and https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/13/israel-peace-pressure-israeli

Currently he fills the role of Director of Strategy and planning for the Rothschild’s Yad Hanadiu Foundation, located in Jerusalem. Daniel was no stranger to controversy in his political career, for example his visit to the city of Bradford In 2014, which had been declared as an Israel free-zone, when he was still Ambassador to Britain for Israel.

Born in 1962, Daniel Taub spent the beginning of his life in the United Kingdom. The impressive list of world reknown schools that he has attended in the past have included Harvard University, the University of London, and Oxford University.

During the late 1980s Taub moved to Israel for the first time, where he honorably and humbly served in the Israel Defence Forces as a combat medic. He was also employeed by the IDF as a Reserve Officer in the international law division.

Not long after Taub had moved to Israel, he began working for then President, Chaim Herzog. His experience in the IRF, as well as the technical speech writing that he did for Herzog, lead to him holding several political positions for the Government of Israel over the years of his life. The laws of war, counter-terrorism, and international law in general have been some of the main focuses of his life long career. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Daniel also spent a fair amount of time researching and buying intellectual property during the beginning of the technology boom at the end of the 21st Century. He has been an active writer on several subjects, with main focus on the State of Israel itself as well as the middle east in general.

His work has been featured in many prestigious publications around the world. Currently Daniel Taub continues his life long passion as a writer and world educator.

The Advantages Of Technology And Why Jason Hope Loves It

As an entrepreneur, Jason Hope expresses his love for technology. When people know what technology has brought to the table for people, they couldn’t blame him. There are a lot of advantages that come with technology. For one thing, there have been improvements made in the lives of people that would not have been experienced without today’s technological capabilities. Jason Hope is also a futurist who looks at all of the possible uses that could develop from technology. He looks at ways that technology can improve the quality of life and seeks to guide it in the direction that is beneficial to humanity.

One thing that technology has done was make it easier for people to make money. In a time when jobs were hard to find, the internet and mobile connections have offered something that was a great replacement for people that have the skills. There were tons of opportunities to work online. One of the best things about technology is that it made things easier for people who wanted to work from home. Technology has also brought forth devices that make it even easier for people to make money while traveling. One thing that technology has done was make it easier for people to live their dreams.

People that have skills with marketing are going to be able to use the internet in order to make money. Jason Hope sees the value that the internet has brought. For one thing, it has made it easier and more convenient for him to spread his ideas around. With his persistence in networking, he has found different ways to make his presence and his ideas known to others. As of right now, he is funding different projects that are meant significant changes in the healthcare system. He hoping to influence people on the decisions they can make that increase their lifespan.

Roberto Santiago’s Popular Mall

Manaira is a first class luxurious mall that is located in Joao Pessoa. The mall is owned by Roberto Santiago. People near and far are drawn to Joao Pessoa because of the mall’s creative features. The scenery surrounding the mall also cause tourist to flood Joao Pessoa. The mall has many stores and entertainment options that are all representative of the things that Roberto Santiago enjoys. Santiago has earned the title of one of the most innovative, creative, and prosperous businessmen in Joao Pessoa.

Roberto Santiago spent his entire childhood in Joao Pessoa. He is not a stranger to the area. He received the bulk of his education from local schools and universities.

After completing college, he began working at Café Santa Rosa. Café Santa Rosa is a décor manufacturing company. He eventually left Café Santa Rosa to pursue his desire to become an entrepreneur. He started a Cartonnage company. He made cartons that were created using cardboard. He then sold the cartons to companies to satisfy their packaging needs. His cartonnage company was able to expand and offer service other than carton packaging to their customers.

When he had made quite a bit of success with the cartonnage company he decided to invest in land development. He purchased land and decided to build the Manaira Shopping Mall. The purchased the land for the mall in 1987. He spent two years building the mall paying close attention to detail. He wanted the mall to be carefully put together instead of sloppy and rushed.

Manaira Shopping Mall opened in 1989 and has been a success since it opened. The mall has a concert hall, theater, food court, college, arcade, gym, and financial institutions. He wanted the mall to be well rounded. When people visit the mall, they have many options to get what the adult may need as well as the child. People continuously gravitate towards the mall because they have so many options.

When Roberto Santiago was building the mall, he made sure to include everything that he liked. He loves bowling and values his education, so he placed a college and a bowling alley in the mall. He has done many renovations to the mall to make sure that it is up to date an meets the needs of the people that are shopping there.

Roberto Santiago has had so much success with the Manaira Shopping Mall that he opened another mall called the Mangeira Shopping Mall. Santiago has played a humongous role in the social and economic advancement of Paraiba. The malls have created many jobs for the people within the vicinity of Joao Pessoa. Both of Roberto Santiago’s malls have positively affected the Joao Pessoa community.


Sentient AI – Personalized Merchandising

Personalized merchandising is the technology of the future. The company Sentient AI has developed the breaking platform that is sweeping the corporate landscape. The technology has helped retail giants increase their conversion and engagement. The algorithm is so alive that it almost seems smarter than the average human. Sentient AI teamed up with Ascend to create this revolutionary new software and the companies that have already implemented it are ahead of the rest of the market. Some say it is like cyborgs are taking over and they fear that the software will take jobs away from people. However, the software was designed to make people’s jobs easier not to detract from workers in the workplace.

The personalized merchandising system is one of the most beneficial features of Sentient AI’s software. The personalized merchandising system works by providing customers with the right products they need at the right time they are looking for them. It has given people more time to shop and has given marketers more time to create new ads. Indeed, the time that marketers currently spend on tasks like analyzing trends and calculating conversion is time that could be spent creating. Sentient AI helps marketers by taking in multiple inputs at a time and calculating all the important metrics. It will follow your customers and report their behavior in every step of the pipeline.

When web developers and marketers want to decide on which type of ad will be the most beneficial to a certain campaign they often engage in multi-variate testing. This is only possible with Sentient AI. The algorithm will take in all of the inputs that teams have designed – new ads, new product pages, landing pages – and it will test them against a control. The elements that perform best will evolve into future generations for the final production stage. Once Sentient AI has completed testing you will have a website that is perfectly optimized for profit! Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

The space on each page can be individually targeted to your consumers’ unique tastes. By using Sentient AI personalized merchandising you can target your customer by their individual interests. Whenever they search for a product that your page is offering or they look at a page on your site they will be presented with offers that relate to that interest. They will then be allowed to buy the item they were searching for much quicker. This system of individual marketing makes the customer feel like your site is perfect for them and will increase conversion.