Todd Lubar; Smart Homes Are No Longer Futuristic, They Are Now A Reality

Not so many individuals get to navigate through the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship. Many give up along the way while others do not possess the prerequisite traits that will enable them to survive in this challenging field. There are different reasons as to why people from various generation take up entrepreneurship as their source of livelihood, and a means to create a difference in their societies. The older generation preferred entrepreneurship as a means of self-supervision and self-employment.

Today’s generation is choosing entrepreneurship instead of getting employed because they want to create solutions to various problems that are plaguing societies. According to a recent survey, a good number of millennials want to change their communities at the same time follow the desires of their hearts through entrepreneurship.

Regarding doing business, the two groups equally differ on how they approach entrepreneurship. The older generation prefers to engage in sole proprietorship while the millennials are keen on creating businesses with other partners. Millennials would rather synergize with other players in the industry and their friends to create an enterprise that works for all. They never worry a lot about how much money each one of them is making.

For an entrepreneur to succeed in the competitive business space, they need to possess some unique character traits that will push them towards the greater heights of business. Persistence is one of the key features that anyone who’s keen on venturing into business has to possess. They also need to be passionate on the path they have chosen and worked hard to ensure that they bring their dreams to life.

Todd Lubar is one of the most acclaimed business leaders in the technology and real estate industries. Todd Lubar is pioneering one of the most futuristic ideas in the real estate sector. Through his construction companies, he works to ensure that the concept of smart homes is no longer a futuristic concept but rather reality to most home owners. According to Todd, Smart homes will unlock the potential of previously marginalized individuals such as those who are living with disabilities. For more details, visit

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