Securus Technologies Keeping Close Tabs on Dangerous Fugitives

When a fugitive is running wild on the streets of my city, me and my fellow officers are dispersed to try and get the suspect off the streets as quickly as possible. This was going to be a very problematic case because this fugitive had a huge support network that was willing to do anything to frustrate law enforcement. In order to track this suspect down and keep our city safe, we are constantly making use of a number of resources that are at our disposal.


When we have exhausted all of these resources and no informants are willing to come forward, then we have to utilize some pretty unconventional methods to try and get the results we are looking for. This time we were headed to the local prison to try and get some leads from the most unconventional of sources. The inmates in the local jail are not usually receptive to helping the police find anyone, but we were going to get them talking and helping us without them even realizing how helpful they could be.


To pull this off, we were going to have to utilize the call monitoring system that Securus Technologies installed to help listen to the inmates on the telephone. The company is based in Texas, and all thousand employees are committed to making the world safe. Having thousands of these units in jails around the country, we knew we had a tool at our disposal that would get us some type of results.


Not an hour after we let the inmates know we needed help, one newly incarcerated inmate ran to the phone to warn his cousins we were closing the gap. We didn’t have that cousin on our radar until that call, and it was pivotal in helping us finally catch the suspect in the middle of the night.


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  1. There is no doubt that a fugitive in the street gives us much more concern. Even as has made all efforts to secure the streets. There have not been 100 percent success which increased the insecurity in the community even as residents were not willing to provide informations. However, after the introduction of call monitoring system by Securus Technologies, this fugitive was caught. How he was caught still remains a mystery to him.

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