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The Trump administration’s policies might be irrational and disastrous towards immigrants, but they do cause real harm. Between the demands for a wall and the recent steps backwards in regard to Cuba, it doesn’t appear that things can be expected to change for anything but worse in the foreseeable future.

That makes protecting immigrant rights all the more important, especially when a corrupt ICE seems bent on behaving even more harshly than it already has been.

Public outcry and resistance are essential, but it’s important to remember that since Trump’s supporters tend to love these policies he’ll only try and implement even more. Thus, it becomes essential for human rights activists to resist these policies.

Trump’s latest policy on Cuba isn’t going to do anything positive, and while in general the administration’s policies in general are wildly ill-informed and belie a lack of critical thinking it still seems to be the product of spite. US – Cuba relations over the years have been quite tense, and if anything strong-arming Cuba is only going to further damage that country’s economy and cause more Cubans to flee to the United States in hopes of a better economic situation.

Needless to say, crossing a border is risky business even in the best of times but racist anti-immigrant rhetoric is only going to make life even worse for those trying to reach the country. Immigrants who are detained while trying to enter the country illegally tend to face inhumane treatment and there’s no sign that things are going to improve in this regard. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

The United States is a nation of immigrants, and it’s vital to keep this in mind when addressing immigration policy. Quite simply the calls for immigration are borne out of racism and xenophobia, with little logical reasoning behind them. Supposedly immigrants take away jobs, but there’s little evidence to support that and it appears to be rightwing rhetoric more than anything else.

A hardline immigration policy isn’t going to do anyone any favours, and a wall isn’t going to stop immigrants from crossing the border. Instead, what will happen is fewer foreign students coming to the US and fewer foreign tourists will come to the country and spend their money because virulent xenophobia does tend to leave a bad impression.

Larkin and Lacey is the product of the settlement that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey received when they wrongful were subpoenaed by the notoriously anti-immigrant Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio back in 2007. The duo of journalists put their $3.75 million to good use by dedicating it to the fight for immigrant rights, which is an issue that takes even more precedence under a president who’s prone to racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric as well as dangerous policies such as a wall along the southern border.

Trump seems determined to break Obama’s record of overseeing more deportations than any other president in history, which means ramping up border patrol operations and having even more disregard for basic human rights of detainees. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Even in light of the fact that the Obama administration deported more undocumented immigrants than anyone else, there were still a few positives like shielding immigrants who were not convicted felons from deportation – something that the Trump administration has overturned. These are dark times and so it’s more important than ever to have someone to stand up for the marginalised, which is exactly what Larkin and Lacey seek to do.

What Lori Senecal has accomplished during her Term as the Global CEO of CP+B

Lori Senecal is one of the advertising industry’s most prominent people. She has been serving as the Global CEO of CP+B since March 2015, and her tenure will last up to the end of 2017. Before being hired by CP+B, Senecal worked for MDC Partners Network as its CEO. She still maintained the position even after joining CP+B. According to Chuck Potter, who is the chairperson and co-founder of CP+B, Lori has played a great role in improving the agency by offering flexibility and liveliness of an innovative startup.

CP+B have made significant accomplishments under the global leadership of Lori Senecal. She assisted the firm in getting a contract with American Airlines in October 2015. The company took over the account from TM Advertising, which had been holding it for more than 25 years. Mr. Porter said that he has been working with Lori in developing a futuristic leadership team. They have been taking their time to make wise decisions on the future administration of CP+B. Chuck believes that the company will be ready to have a smooth transition by the time Senecal retires. CP+B has been very effective under her leadership.

A new generation of leaders is currently taking over at CP+B. The company recently promoted Danielle Aldrich to serve as the president of CP+B West. The position makes her in charge of CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder. Before the promotion, Aldrich was a managing director of CP+B Boulder. She is also appreciated for making significant contributions that assisted the company in winning the Hershey and American Airlines accounts.

CP+B currently have ten offices, and they are all managed by entrepreneurs who are dedicated to growing it in the global marketplace. Senecal believes that bettering regional leaders enables the company to share resources well in offices across all regions. This allows the firm to offer more innovative and strategic talents to its clients. According to Lori, giving the broad role to Danielle is a significant step since she portrays an excellent image of CP+B. Aldrich is always determined to take on the most complex business challenges and uses innovative tactics in solving them.

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Securus Technologies – Making a Big Impact through the use of Technology in Correctional Sphere

Securus Technologies has made tremendous contributions in the field of inmate communications and crime prevention technology in recent years. The company that started in the year 1986 has now grown to dominate the world of prison communication, criminal justice, and crime prevention technology. The firm has been going places with its productive technology for the detainees, and the fact that it helps the prisoners to communicate with its friends and families cheaply is also one of the reasons for its massive popularity.


The products and services of Securus Technologies are used by over 1.2 million prisoners and 2,200 law enforcement agencies. The world of crime has become advanced, and it has become essential for the law enforcement agencies to use technology to its advantage to work efficiently. It is due to the companies such as Securus Technologies, many of the law enforcement agencies can use the data analytics and government information systems effectively to arrest criminals and stop crime. There are many other similar services offered by Securus Technologies to help the law enforcement officials, which includes LBS Service and Investigation PRO.


Recently, the company released a highly debated press released online where the corporation published excerpts from the letters written to Securus Technologies by the police and law enforcement officials, showcasing appreciation for the company’s exceptional products and services. The law enforcement personnel said how the company’s products and services help them in catching the offenders quickly and keep criminal in check by monitoring their communications actively.


As a law enforcement official for over a decade, I feel that technology was always needed in our job. And, thanks to Securus Technologies, we now have an information pool we can rely upon to give us credible information that would help reduce crime and assist in catching the criminals with great ease.