Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer: A Successful Businessman

He may have been born with a silver spoon, but Duda Melzer has managed to build an empire and raised the family business to greater heights. Duda has become one of the prominent people in the world of business. Being born in an entrepreneurial family, Duda developed an interest in entrepreneurship from a very young age.

He is the current chairman and president of the RBS Group. RBS is a company that was founded by his Grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. Eduardo ‘Duda’ Melzer succeeded Nelson Sirotsky to become the chairman in 2016. Even though it is a family business, Duda had to work to earn his position at the Company, more info can be found on globo.

Duda graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University with Bachelor of Business Administration in 1998. He also holds an MBA from Harvard University. Soon, after completing his Bachelor degree, he went to North America to start his career. In 2002, he became the Senior Financial Analyst at the Delphi Corporation. During the same period, he worked as the Director General of Box Top Media Company.

According to acaert, in 2004, he joined the RBS Group as the Director General for the National Market. Duda was appointed the acting vice president of the market and business development in 2008. After two years, he became the C.E.O of the Company. He acceded to the position of president in 2012, and he led the Company to greater success. Under his leadership, RBS Group was among the three media companies that generated the most value for their clients in 2014. RBS Group was listed among the top ten most innovative companies in Brazil.

Duda also serves as the chairman of e.Bricks Digital which is an investment company in business development in the digital sector. e.Bricks Digital has invested a significant amount of money to the start-up companies that have an innovative and profitable technology idea. The Company seeks to invest in businesses that can improve the quality of education, health, and financial services.

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