Vijay Eswaran a Man of Many Hats

Named Number 25 of Forbes Asia’s Malaysia’s 50 Richest back in February of 2013, Vijay Eswaran has achieved much acclaim for creating the RYTHM Foundation which stands as a vital part of the QI Group. He is also known for creating another highly active charity known as the Vijayaratnam Foundation and has gained notoriety everywhere for his generous donations on Facebook to other charities outside his own as well as individual people in need of his assistance alongside creating other community programs meant to help the everyday individuals through mentoring and other such programs. Through all his outstanding civil actions he has found himself in New York’s Global Indian Business Meet where he was awarded the NGI (or New Global Indian) award for Philanthropy and Business Excellence back in 2012. As well, Eswaran has also been noted as one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy by Forbes Asia back in 2011’s July issue.

Since going back to Asia in 1998, Vijay Eswaran has co-founded the QI Group. QI Group is marketing company build to be multilevel in respects to media, travel, luxury products, training, wellness, telecommunications, corporate investments, and wellness. QI Group has managed to achieve growing into multiple offices in multiple districts including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. So far, they are in ten countries, and looking at growing further with their impressive leader, Vijay Eswaran taking strides in publishing books and impressing his dreams for a bright tomorrow for his company.

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Among his published works are In the Sphere of Silence at, which paints a visual of his own management philosophies, including his structured morning of one hour of silence before taking part in the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Whether it’s writing unique books comprised of his own personal perspectives, assisting in marketing and commerce through the QI Group, or helping others, Eswaran is an inspiration for us all.

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