Twenty Three Layers: NYC’s Go-To Event Planning Company

When you’re looking to hire an event planner, it can seem like an intimidating task. However, it doesn’t have to be. To ensure the event goes off without a hitch and you hire the best event planner, there are should steps you should follow.


First, you should determine the objective of your event. Determine the reason behind holding your event in the first place and what the goals of the event are. Answer important questions for yourself on who, what, where, when, why, and how. After you’ve defined the objective of the event, decide what your reason is for hiring an event planner. When you’ve had some clear ideas about your event, you’ll start to see some themes and messages you want your event to convey. Determine what it is you’d like the event planner to do.


Based on your event’s objective and what you’d like your event planner to accomplish, you can create a general budget. You should be able to determine this by looking at the type of event it is and what that event would include. After figuring out your budget, do your research on event planners.


After picking some well researched, qualified planners, you should interview three of them. You should give the planners the basic information on your event and ask them about their business, their experience, and what their plans are for your event. The best event planners will walk you through discussions that give them ideas about your event, your budget, and personal preferences. They should also be able to give you the best ideas based on your objectives. Be sure to negotiate your terms and be sure that the planner sets a clear budget.


If you’re looking for event planners in NYC, try your hand at Twenty Three Layers. They are a leader in event planning companies in NYC and are creative and energetic. They are a full-service event planning company that can create the most dazzling events. They hold the best relationships with some of the most exclusive establishments and vendors. Planning an event with Twenty Three Layers is worry-free and fun.


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