Move over Shakira Norka Luque is Making Headlines

The most successful female Latino vocalist of all-time is Gloria Estefan. Estefan has sold millions of records, and she and her husband produced a hit Broadway musical. Her producer husband, Emilio Estefan, has played a major role in her career. Estefan has won 19 Grammys, and he is considered the best Latino music producer of all time. Emilio has also been instrumental in shaping the career of Shakira, the Colombian-born singer that has sold more than 10 million albums. Shakira is on track to pass Gloria Estefan if she continues to perform. But there is always someone waiting in the wings to become a star. Emilio Estefan believes the next big female Latino star is Norka Luque. Luque is the 30-year-old Venezuelan-born singer he discovered in 2008.

Norka always wanted to be another Shakira. At the age of eight, she was cast in a musical in Venezuela that honored Shakira and her music. Norka’s parents decided to leave Venezuela and move to the United States, so Norka could get a better education. While Norka attended school, she studied voice and piano. When it was time for college, Norka decided to go to France to study. Norka was comfortable in France. She earned a degree in business and in fashion and the culinary arts. Norka didn’t leave music behind while she was in France. She found a job as the lead singer in a rock band called Bad Moon Rising, and she developed a reputation as a talented rocker. But she wanted to use the knowledge she gained in business, so she accepted a job with a financial firm in Monte Carlo.

In 2007, Norka went to a Ricky Martin concert, and that’s when she knew she had to return to the States and get back into the music business. In 2008, Emilio Estefan signed Norka and the pair went to work producing her first single. In 2011, her first single climbed the charts in Latin America, and she was nominated for the best female vocalist of the year award. In 2012, her second single, Milagro, got rave reviews from music critics in the United States and abroad. Norka’s 2016 release, Tomorrowland, is another hit. Norka is doing what she loves, and audiences love her for doing it.

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The DeVos Family Are Education Reformers

The DeVos family of Michigan is among the wealthiest and most generous in the nation. Patriarch Richard DeVos Sr. is the co-founder of Amway products. He son Richard DeVos “Dick” DeVos is a huge educational proponent. He and his wife Betsy have both done yeoman’s work in changing the landscape of education in the state.


Not only has DeVos served on the Michigan State Board of Education, he is supports school voucher programs and magnet schools and school choice. He even has an aviation academy for lower income students who want to know more about science.


Betsy DeVos heads a number of important boards that make education their top priority. Mrs. DeVos says she is very happy to learn that more and more states are opening up to school choice. She admits that the idea wasn’t very popular in the beginning and it took some prodding to get people on board.


The school voucher programs have taken off like wildfire, and 17 states have passed laws regarding educational programs.


Mrs. DeVos believes in reform. It’s been something she’s been fighting for for a long time. As a college freshman, she knew it was her calling to get Michigan’s educational system on par with other states.


While she admits that Michigan has more work to do, the results to date have been nothing short of miraculous.


 The DeVoses also have a foundation that helps individuals seeking to find better schools.


Richard DeVos briefly delved into politics about ten years ago. His unsuccessful bid to unseat Michigan Democratic Governor didn’t pan out they way he wanted, but he says he isn’t ruling out a future run.


 The DeVoses have four grown children. The currently live in Grand Rapids Michigan.