Eric Pulier Helped My Son Live A Better Life

I got to know Eric Pulier way back in the 90s when he was starting People Doing Things. The charity has been a great place for people to find out how to help those with disabilities, and he was also someone who was using technology to help people instead of just hoping that kids will get through school. Kids like my daughter have been in need of help for a long time, and they needed to make sure they could actually graduate.

The graduation rate for people with disabilities was so low that having People Doing Thing helping us was really nice. My daughter actually still uses some of the things that she got from Eric Pulier, and then I got interested in his way of helping people so I started following his career. I noticed that he helped startup enterprise technology companies that are helping companies sync their phones and email. He has also worked in innovation where people are creating new technology that will make the world a better place.

The technology that I have seen from Eric Pulier comes from places like the X Prize committee where they are trying to get people to make sure that they can progress the human race by doing more than just making money. Eric Pulier has put money aside to make sure that he can help people, and he has even helped kids like my daughter who have disabilities.

Pulier has proven he understands people with disabilities. We used his technology because it helped, and he made it easier for us to get through school.
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  1. We believe that his career has always been focused on people, and we are very grateful for his service. People who struggle with disabilities are going to keep struggling until they get something that makes life easier. It could have take a tole on bestdissertation and that alone could have ruined everything for them.

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