John Goullet Making Strides in IT

John Goullet has been in the IT field for an extended period. He served as a computer consultant and as a staffing executive before deciding to venture into his privately owned IT firm in 1994 namely Info Technologies, Inc. He later moved to Diversant, LLC as the principal. He has been decollated with his entrepreneurial expertise hence leading to the development of highly rated IT firms. He has worked to solve the IT problem for over 500 firms in the whole world. His company, Info Technologies was later lanked in the 8th position in the Inc magazine for the fastest growing companies solely owned.

Later John Goullet market knowledge helps him merged Info Technology with Diversant Inc to form a new company DIVERSANT LLC, a more secure, and competitive and stable financial firm. Through this newly formed business, Goullet was able to develop solutions for the ever emerging problems in the IT industry.

Diversant LLC

Diversant LLC is the largest IT staffing company in the Africa and America continent. The company foundation is largely a reflection of the commitment and dedicated workers who have personal drive and great expertise. The company thus has developed an excellent reputation and has enjoyed continuous growth even when there are economic waves. The company later created its advisory board that consisted of highly decollated entrepreneurs and IT leaders and experts in this field who mostly are not involved in the daily control of the firm. The board has the mandate of guiding on matters of strategic planning and commercial development.

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